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Found 7 results

  1. I followed the instructions here: to get my backup folder to receive and store updated or new files from my source folder on my home computer when I create them. I assume that the crossed-out pencil indicates the folder is read-only? However the log is showing that my home computer is saying 'Greg's iMac' (the source) added file xxxxx. Does this mean it is adding files from my backup drive to Greg's iMac or the other way round? There's also a load of 'failed to download' errors (No such file or directory) and I can't figure out what it's trying to download from where. Is 3.0 kBs a normal 'down' speed?
  2. Hello all ! I've set up BTSync on my NAS (Synology) and my computer (Windows 8.1). Among the many sync tasks, my music folder (~75GB) is set as read-write on both side. The issue is that every time I delete an item on the computer, it's synced back from the NAS. Whereas when I delete it on the NAS, it's properly deleted on the computer. This is quite annoying and I've been trying to solve it for hours now. Both versions are up to date and I've double-checked that RW keys are used on both sides. Any idea, please ? Thanks in advance.
  3. FAQ says one-way sync is possible, but i'm not clear how. i have my Android device set to sync to my NAS through my PC, and LOVE it. brilliant. so grateful. BUT does anyone know if i can make this one-way? i'd like to overwrite old files on NAS,add new files,but ignore deletions, (device runs out of room)and i don't want anything that happens on the NAS to change my device files.possible?
  4. Not sure if this is a bug, or whether I'm misunderstanding how the "Backup" option works. I've set up a backup folder pair between my Nexus 5 and my PC, and transferred a huge swathe of photos from my phone to my computer. I then deleted the files from my phone (being careful not to delete the BitTorrent Sync system files), but the same files were subsequently deleted on my computer by BitTorrent Sync. Is this supposed to happen? I thought a "backup" folder pair meant one-way syncing, and that this wouldn't involve deleting any files on my PC. Thankfully I suspected this might happen and made a copy of my PC folder before I deleted the files on my phone, so my photos are still safe. Can anyone shed some light on this? If this is how the "Backup" folder pair option is supposed to work (one-way syncing, including syncing deleted files), it would be great to have an option to turn off the syncing of deleted files. It would really help users like me who want to use BitTorrent Sync to backup photos on their mobile devices. Quick specs: - Android Nexus 5 with the latest 4.4.4 KitKat - Windows 8.1 64-bit
  5. hello. i'm using btsync on android and linux (GUI). automatic two-way sync folders work perfectly. i struggle however with the backup of my titanium backup and photo folder. i want the data to be synced to the laptop and kept there, even when i delete the files on android. i created backup folders from android. it should either be sync and then delete on android, or keep and let me delete when i decide to. currently it moves the deleted files on android to ./SyncArchive on linux, which is absolutely not what i want. another question regardin the ./SyncArchive, the files there expire after a while, right? what if i disable the versioning, then the files on linux would just be deleted, to the trash or from the "disk"? i quite like btsync, even though it's closed source, there simply is no alternative for this usecase atm. thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi ! I'm new on this forum and i'm a recent user of BT Sync on WIndows 7. I need one-way sync for one folder. So I set a read only secret (permanent). At first all files in the folder synchronized. When a file is modified in the master folder, changes are synchronized in the second folder. However, if a file is modified in the second folder, synchronization of this file is blocked : changes made in the master folder are no more synchronized in the second folder. Is this behavior normal ? I need a one-way sync in which the second folder is fully synchronized, even if some changes happen sometimes in the second folder.
  7. First off, I tried to search for my topic by simply searching 'BSD' in the forum first and I got: "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: bsd" Weird. I installed btsync on my FreeBSD server and it all seemed to be working well at first glance. But it seems that any file or folder originally created within a sync folder *on* the FreeBSD server does not get synced to the other peers. If the other peers (Windows box, and Android phone) create files in the synced folder on their end, it replicates to the FreeBSD (and between the other peers) just fine. Why is it only going one-way seemingly?