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Found 4 results

  1. I do not really know if there is a setting for this... or if this question has already been asked. Sorry if one of these is the case. I use Resilio (Home personal version) to sync some folders between my PC and a WD Mycloud EX4100. At the same time, the same folders are synched to my Onedrive account (through symbolic link)... Now, it often happens that Onedrive keeps spinning trying to sync the files (probably "TEMP" files or others) in the ".sync" hidden folder. Since Onedrive MS support is rather pathetic (they are not able to let people exclude files and folders from th
  2. I'm thinking of downloading Resilio Sync, but I have a few questions first. Basically, what I'd like to be able to do is use Resilio Sync to keep my local My Documents folder synced with either a Cryptomator or Veracrypt vault stored in my local cloud folder (be it for Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). In more detail, what I'd like to do is drag copies of individual files and file folders that I'd like to keep backed up into my Cryptomator/Veracrypt vault and have any changes I make to the local version of those files synced with the copies stored in the vault. I don't want to work directly
  3. Hi, I have a OneDrive-Account and a small VPS-Server, which only has very little Storage. I wonder, if there is possibly some way to use the VPS-Server as a btSync to Onedrive-"Connector"? Obviously, as I dont have a lot of Storage on the VPS-Account, it would require a Setup where the Sync-Client functions as a direct "translator/broker" between the ResilioSync and OneDrive-API's. This would be really useful in my opinion, because it would provide a way to setup a cloudbased-only Scenario with Sync leveraging 3rd-Party Storage. I know of the possibility to simply buy stora
  4. Hi I wanted to setup an encrypted folder inside a cloud service such as OneDrive or Dropbox but it's not working as anticipated. This is what I did: - Created a new encrypted folder from within BTSync (2.3.1), located inside my local OneDrive Folder that is synched to the cloud - Added a few sample files - I expected to have unencrypted access from my desktop pc but having the folder encrypted in the cloud - Accessed my OneDrive folder in the cloud from my laptop (via Web Browser) - Files are accessible unencrypted Looks like since OneDrive has