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Found 20 results

  1. Hello All, I am having very slow speeds over the internet between two laptops (Macbooks using OS X). Previously, Resilio Sync was pretty fast (for me) 3 MB/s speeds but now the speeds are hovering around 320 KB/s - 400 KB/s and I cant seem to figure out how to get back to the same speeds as before. Both networks have a 115 Mbps download and a 10-13 Mbps upload on both WiFi and wired, and I have tried to troubleshoot everything I could before coming here: - Putting both laptops in DMZ - Port forwarding the port in Resilio Sync's settings on both routers. - Disabling "
  2. While the Linux client is web UI only, there doesn't seem to be a web UI option for Mac or Windows. Is it possible to set up a web UI for Mac/Windows? I run a headless Mac server, so not having a web UI is kind of annoying for me...
  3. Hello! I has Sync 2.0 (dont remember wich version) running on OSX 10.7, i updated today to latest and OSX 10.7 is not supported anymore. Where i can get Sync past versions? Thanks Cristian
  4. Hi, after several hours of trying, I'm able to short my bug report to this: I have 3 Computers, Two Linux (Raspbian/Debian, Ubuntu), One Mac (Mavericks). The Debian and the Mac uses Sync 2.0, the Ubuntu computer uses Sync 1.4. 1. When I add a 1.4-style read-write key to my mac, my key is one character too short (32 characters). Adding a space solves this, so I can add the folder. The key was once created with an older version of sync. It has no A,B or R in front of it. 2. Although it was a read-write key, the folder will be treated as a read-only folder. It only offers/shows me the RO ke
  5. Hi, I've been using Sync for a while now to backup my photos from my Android phone to an external drive. I just got a new iPhone and I want to use the same system as I have before. When I try to set it up, Sync automatically chooses a folder to back up to, which I don't want. I have tried just copying the key, and then trying to make a "manual connection" but that doesn't let me choose the folder either. How can I specify which folder I want my photos to be in? P.S. Can't really say that I'm enjoying 2.0 very much. Wtf happened?
  6. Hi, trying to sync two Macs (OS X YOSEMITE). BT-Sync creates new folders `desktop1, documents1 etc.` on one mac, instead of syncing the original folders `desktop` and `documents` etc. These folders are generated by OS X system, so i can´t remove them on one of the Macs before syncing. Don´t find a solution. Creating external folders to sync would mean double data -> no sense. Many thanks for help...
  7. First post please understand this. Hello all. I need a bit of help: Here is my scenario: 1. On my computer I create a folder called "research" and add it to Sync and copy the r/w key.2. On my Android, I copy r/w key to Sync and select a source folder (we'll call this folder "research").3. On my Android, I now expect to download file "A" to the folder "research".4. On my computer (assuming appropriate data connectivity) I should see file "A" (originally downloaded from android) in the folder "research". At present, this doesn’t happen. What does occur is this? If I manually add a file
  8. On my laptop, several sync folders are on an external drive. I leave sync running all the time. I just noticed that, while the drive wasn't available, sync has grabbed (apparently randomly) a path to a different folder, on a different external drive. Now the original drive is back, it's saying 'folder not available' because it wants to sync with this folder it's randomly picked. Several other folders on the same drive aren't affected. It's a Macbook Air running Sync 1.4.106 on OS X 10.10.1. I previously ran Sync up to 1.3 with a similar set up and never had this problem; I installed 1.4 fr
  9. Does BitTorrent Sync add the 'archive flag' to files on either OSX or Win7 x64? I'm having issues with playing video files through Plex after I added the files to my BitTorrent sync. Trying to find an entry point to troubleshoot this. Just realized this is in the wrong category.... anyone with access please move to BitTorrent Sync troubleshooting.
  10. Hello All, I wasn't able to find a post describing similar behaviour, so I'm hoping someone here can explain to me if what I'm noticing is normal or not. I've unchecked "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" but what I notice is that syncing doesn't resume until after the display wakes from sleep. Display is asleep, laptop is still running, hard-drive is not sleeping but the display is. I put my password in to see the desktop and then syncing resumes but not until I'm actively using the machine. What setting am I missing, or why is this happening? My assumption was that syncing would ha
  11. Hi everyone! I am trying to sync my Home directory with 1.3.105 on OS X 10.9.3 but it seems like my .SyncIgnore file is being (partially?) ignored. This is what it looks like: # .SyncIgnore is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols.####/Music/Dropbox/Library*.aplibraryiPhoto Library# Synology #@eaDir# hidden files #.*# OS generated files #.DS_Store.DS_Store?._*.Spotlight-V100.Trashesehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.db# Finder
  12. Hi I use Bittorrent Sync on my two MacBooks and on a Raspberry Pi. But after this update... Fixed stream appearing as after updating 1.2.91. ... all devices syncing all the time. If i disable the Raspberry Pi it works, but i need it. How can i fix this Problem? Thanks Anna
  13. For example: [1] + 33469 bus error /Applications/ --config If the directory specified for the pidfile is missing, or the storage_path isn't accessible, or AFAICT the pseudo-JSON you are using isn't valid. I'd strongly advise dropping the `// comments` from the format, and enabling us to use normal JSON parsers and validators to manage this.
  14. Case I: Installed Bittorrent Sync (1.2.82) on Maveriks (10.9) computer ('Pippin'); Sharing the default 'Sync' folderInstalled Bittorrent Sync (1.2.82) on Snow Leopard (10.6.8) computer ('Gandalf'); supplied Pippin's secretResult: sync never starts; devices are not listed; not transfers listedCase II: Installed Bittorrent Sync (1.2.82) on Maveriks (10.9) computer ('Bilbo'); supplied Pippin's secretResult: Sync worked as expectedPippin and Gandalf logs are available.
  15. I have 3 machines sharing a folder; Two run OS X Mavericks, One runs Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. All three are running 1.2.73 (the Ubuntu box is running the i386 glibc 2.3 version), but I've seen this problem on the past couple of releases. The two OS X boxes report themselves as being in sync, but they report the Linux box is out of sync. I've been running this setup for a couple of weeks and the Linux box does sync files which have been created or changed, but it always appears, from the OS X clients, as being not completely synced. I'm guessing this is a UI bug because I'm not seeing a continual
  16. Is there a way to use BitTorrent Sync (OS X) from the command line? I really need it! :-)
  17. Is there any possibility of support for Mac 10.5? While I have a 10.8 machine, the other workstation with which I would need to sync only runs 10.5 and will always do so (Executive's decision, not Mine). Thanks in advance.
  18. [bUG FIXED - 7/10/2013 - Ver 1.1.33] I started using BitTorrent Sync yesterday. It has great potential, but there is a major bug that I can replicate every time! THE COMPUTERS: The computers involved are two iMacs and a MacBook Pro, all three machines running OS X 10.7.5. THE ISSUE: I sync'd a 6 GIG folder (that contains 3,800+ files) on my work iMac with my home iMac and also my MacBook Pro. The initial sync worked well. The problem occurs when I move files from one folder to another... When I move a file on one computer (it does not matter which one), the moved file disappears on the other
  19. Has anyone been able get BitTorrent Sync to run on Leopard/OS X 10.5.8 (or older)? Would it be possible to target the Mac OS build to an earlier distribution? I totally understand the need to limit platform version targets... but it seems that if Sync can run on low-powered NAS devices and the Raspberry Pi, it ought to possible to run on an old (but not ancient) Mac Mini, no? Can any of the Linux or BSD command-line/web-gui builds be hacked to run on OS X? All the ones I've tried give the error "cannot execute binary".
  20. A couple days ago I awoke one of my computers from a week-long slumber (it had been turned off while I was moving). While the computer was sleeping, I had been editing the contents of the Sync'd folder on other computers (i.e., creating files, saving changes to files, etc.). When my computer awoke, about 90% of the folder contents (subfolders, files, etc.) were deleted on all 4 of the computers to which the folder was Sync'd. I had all of my stuff backed up in multiple locations, plus BitTorrent Sync keeps deleted files in the .SyncTrash folder. So all of my stuff was recovered. What gives?