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Found 5 results

  1. I wanted to share a folder from computer A to computer B via BT Sync. Here is what I did. 1. I added the folder to BT Sync on computer A. 2. Since the folder is really large, I pre-copied all the files to computer B. 3. Before I connected the two folders on the two computers, I did some change on computer A. The changed files had newer modification time, so I supposed that they would be copied to computer B once they are sync'd. 4. I created a link in BT Sync on computer A and opened it on computer B. When prompted to enter a destination folder on computer B, I selected the pre-copied folder. After the two clients finished sync'ing, I found that the changed files on computer A were reverted back to the old version. I wonder if this is a bug or intentional for some reason.
  2. Hello there, I have used Sync without any problems for several weeks. I have synced about 20 GB of data across two computers. Suddenly the synced folders disapeared from the peer list. My folders are out of sync on both computers. It seems that I will have to reconnect those folders manually by adding them into the sync list again. My question is: will BT Sync overwrite all of the files in the destination folder? Or will it somehow recognize which files are the same and will leave them untouched? I am affraid that I might loose some data, and I cannot allow that happen. Thanks for help!
  3. I have had some issues with my PC, so I had to reinstall my OS. I had a syncronized folder and now I want to sync that again without overwriting all the files I already have. When I attempt to connect the folder a message appears: "The folder is not empty: sync anyway?". Does BTSync detect the files it has already downloaded and just starts syncing new stuff or does it sync all over again? I just need to know this.
  4. We discussed the problem of old overwriting new in this thread: but I'm now noticing a specific pattern to the problem that I think deserves its own thread for consideration. Since disabling Android sleep a week ago, an old version hasn't clobbered a current version on any of my clients except under one very specific circumstance: machine reboot. I've never seen the problem associated with any of my Windows laptops, but in the past week I've seen it subsequent to: 1) one of my Linux NAS's underoing some sort of automatic restart at its remote location, I assume due to a power outage followed by its automatically-restart-after-power-outage feature. 2) a Note 2 manual full reboot, after I noticed that it had been disconnected from my home LAN for a couple of days and that I couldn't switch on its WiFi until I rebooted. 3) an S4 full reboot after it experienced one of its very, very rare crashes. Since each is a case where the client lost the network in an ungraceful way, I presume that's what's been causing this intermittent overwriting anomaly all along. I do plenty of reboots with my Windows laptops, soft reboots with my Android devices, and an occasional Linux reboot, and those orderly shutdowns have never led to the old-overwrites-new anomaly. I don't think every single crash reproduces the problem, but my sense is that it's the vast majority. So the question for the devs is what prevents BitTorrent Sync from failing gracefully even when the machine doesn't. I imagine sometimes when the operating system breaks, it's going to break BTS, but perhaps they can find ways to improve the OS/BTS failure ratio. Meaning that maybe BTS can be made more likely to fail gracefully when the OS totally barfs. Maybe that's much easier said than done, but because the problem has virtually disappeared when I've turned off Android sleep, I'm worried that there are issues specific to Android sleep that cause the same BTS anomaly as an ungraceful shutdown. I've experienced a significant number of occasions where the BTS app became unresponsive after trying to switch to it while sleep was enabled. I actually rarely need to deal with files from within the app itself, except on the occasions when I can plainly see that suddenly hours had gone by without a sync, despite my 30-minute sleep period. When BTS app apparently seizes, I do give it a lot of time to come back, then when it doesn't, I kill it with a task killer. During my one week experiment, however, the app has worked absolutely perfectly--remember, my only S4 problem during the week was when the OS itself crashed. And by "perfect," I mean switching networks willy-nilly (WiFi and 3G), renaming files and folders and then renaming them again 2 seconds later when I changed my mind, moving files and then moving them again quickly, creating and then deleting or moving a few seconds later--these are needed working file operations that frequently led to glitches for me when using Android sleep. In fact, it had gotten to the point where I was doing things with files outside of synced locations and then moving them in when finished, which is really not how you want to work. I have to infer, then, that something about sleep doesn't get along with Android. I suspect the system comes along eventually and does something horrible to apps that it thinks have become inactive. Simple solution: I've stopped using Android sleep--after all those battery statistics I posted cheerleading for the feature! It's really quite a luxury to have instant sync all the time and no sync glitches except when OS's crash. 20% per hour battery consumption is viable on my S4 because the spare battery I now carry is so cheap and light and convenient to pop in there when needed. I've been saying for years now that user-replaceable battery and extra micro-SD card are dealbreakers for me, and Samsung has declared their commitment to these two features for their flagship phones. Although such high battery consumption is unnacceptable to a lot of people, I would think within a few years battery capacity and hardware efficiency will bring the % per hour usage down low enough that you don't care how many mA per hour the BitTorrent Sync app is using. But even though we're not there yet, I think I'm going to have to permanently quit the Android sleep feature, or else lose sleep worrying over tracking and searching clobbered files.
  5. BTSync overwrites newer files with older ones. This happens if files have been modified while one client is offline. When that client comes online BTSync overwrites files with that client's (old) versions. Why? When I look at .SyncArchive on other clients I can see the deleted newer files with newer modification times than the old file, which overwrote them. I have 4 machine setup: 1 always online, Linux (server); 2 mostly(just occasional restarts) online, one Linux, one Windows; 1 laptop, online when needed, Linux. (this is the client, that propagates old file versions) All 3 Linux machines have same config, so I cannot blame laptop's config. Yes, I have checked clocks on all machines. And yes, permissions are fine, can create and modify files. (Anyway it would be lame to overwrite new files, because one client has old read-only copies) I do not appear to be alone with this problem: