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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I recently noticed, that some of my folders I wanted to duplicate completely to a backup computer did sync. When I checked with my notebook (the source), those folders where 0KB in size. I disconnected and reconnected in order to reindex: still no action and still 0KB I disconnected, deleted .sync-folder and reconnected: same: no activity and 0KB in size I disconnected, deleted .sync-folder and restarted resilio sync, before I readded that folder: no change The folder is owned by me, extended and has active peers (even with no peers no change). It has 45,9GB with 2023 files in 556 folders on a veracrypt ntfs partition on a solid state disk operated by windows 10 pro. The notebook owns a core i7 processor and 24GB of RAM. In the log it tells me that sync cannot find any file: [2017-10-14 13:51:55.240] TF[EE16] [0x000001c24844b8b0][\\?\D:\Daten\Bilder\2011-10-16 Wohnungsbilder Weischlitz\Samstag\P1070758.JPG~FVRQHO8O]: check can delete: fs_refs = 0 [2017-10-14 13:51:55.240] TF[EE16] [0x000001c24844b8b0][\\?\D:\Daten\Bilder\2011-10-16 Wohnungsbilder Weischlitz\Samstag\P1070758.JPG~FVRQHO8O]: deleted [2017-10-14 13:51:55.240] SyncPeer::RemoveFromDownloading SP:[3838] index = 10505 [2017-10-14 13:51:55.240] FC[F7A5]: fs event for entry "\\?\D:\Install\Audiobearbeitung" t:1507600438 s:4096 id:65536:49176 type:2 [2017-10-14 13:51:55.240] FC[F7A5]: fs event for entry "\\?\D:\Install\Bildbearbeitung" t:1507600438 s:4096 id:65536:49183 type:2 But why does this only affect some folders? What can I do, to sync again, best with encryption still enabled? Yours, Mikky
  2. hi How might one get Sync to write synched files with file permissions different from the defalt (755) to (775)? Here is context. I'm synching well, however when I use my Filezilla client to delete a file synched by Sync i don't have permissions My 'fix' is to add my user to the group btsync, however permissions aren't write for group, so my user can't delete files. (would this work? i think so but I'm a bit of a noob) or during configuration can i make btsync user my username to write ? Cheers, Geoff.
  3. I'm not sure whether this is one or two bugs, but the problems are manifesting like this: 1. A friend shares an "owner" link with me, but I get only "read & write" permissions. When I hover over the share button, it's greyed out and says, "Only an owner may share an advanced folder." 2. I add a folder, but my only share permissions available are "read only" and "read & write". I've got six shared folders, but in fact only the first one lets me share "Owner" permissions.
  4. Right now, I am just using the free version of BTSync (and I am past the Pro Trial). Can multiple identities have their permission set to 'Owner' for the same shared BTSync Folder? When I share a folder, and I choose "Owner" under permission, the other user does NOT actually get that permission when they add that share folder... they don't get the owner 'crown' icon & they cannot create a share link for that folder.
  5. Hi all, I have a setup as follows: (1) Linux x64 version 2.0.128 (36), I make a folder and share it as Read only (2) Synology NAS version 2.0.128 (36), I add the foldder using "Manual Connection" I get files into the FROM(1) folder and they sync lovely to the TO(2) folder. This works like a charm and all is good. Problem: I delete the file in the TO(2) folder and expect the file to stay in the FROM(1) folder but it is deleted. What am I doing wrong? I see looking at the "Peer list..." that Permissions says "Owner" and not "Read only". How can I make sure that the source stays untouched like in the old days (version 1.xx)? Thanks in advance, HavocDK
  6. Hi! I installed BitTorrent Sync on my Raspberry pi with raspbian (debian based) and it runs as root and makes root:root files with permissions 733. I can't delete files as user or with ownclowd, which I want to use as a web interface. Can I configure bitsync to make files with orner www-data:pi an permissions 770?