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Found 3 results

  1. *** BREAKING NEWS *** The new full featured BitTorrent Sync GUI for Linux has been released! If you want to switch or are a new user, you should look at this posting. In future btsync-user may be replaced by the new btsync-gui. BTSYNC PACKAGES FOR DEBIAN, UBUNTU AND OTHER DERIVED DISTRIBUTIONS If you are using Ubuntu, Debian, Raspian or other derived distributions based on Debian and you are searching for an easy way to deploy BitTorrent Sync on your systems, this topic is definitively for you. Here you will find information about a family of easy to install deb-packages that offers both a s
  2. I'll try to keep it short, if you're interested in packages for openSUSE, you can head over to the Open Build Service project to chose one of the RPM repositories or use if you need want it all automated. I'll likely either update this post or blog about it in more detail soon. I'll also have a look at what tuxpoldo has done since that looks really interesting. Thanks!
  3. Nowadays we have installation packages for debianoid distributions, but I suppose that there is also a need for RPM packages (RHEL, Centos, Fedora, etc.). Since I have no experience in creating such packages, I would ask the community, if there is someone here able to make the same work I made for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint and willing to cooperate in creating these packages. From my part I can offer: The scripts and the concept of deployment Hosting space for the repositories in order to keep all together Any volunteer here?