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Found 13 results

  1. I have looked through all the documentation for a way to share a file with someone via email that allows the recipient to download the file without the need to install any software. This would allow one time sharing/sending of file from the repository without the need to download the client. I know there are many cloud file sharing applications like pcloud etc but I Resilio is a great product and extending with this one time share would be really useful. Additionally it would be great for the recipient to be able to send a file via email back to the (Resilio) sender without the need for any software.
  2. Hello, It's been a while since I set up Resilio Sync as a service on my computer, and now I've forgotten my username and password. I see instructions online for dealing with forgotten password. How does one deal with forgotten username? Thanks!
  3. I installed resillio in linux (running feren OS 2017.) following the intructions given in help page It was successful and much more simplified. I almost synced 98% of all my files. My laptop ran out of battery and I had to restart my session. But when I tried to log back in to the webUI,my password and username was not accepted. I am 1000% sure my password was correct and I even verified it as my browser saved it. I tried many other combinations like default password (googled it for resilio),none worked. So I removed it and purged all the config files,deleted all the .sync files...logged out and logged back in....restarted laptop...but every time I install it,even without giving password (for the new installation),it asks again and I cant access webUI. I tried to edit config file but nothing worked...I deleted the settings.old thing as I found in the help page here....none is repeatedly asking for username and password which first of all I correctly giving and even in new installation after completely removing it,still asking again and again....what can I do? It took 6 hours for me to get to this...I am very new to linux...sorry for my bad english... Pls note that the very first intallation was successful and everything kept running well....I am using resilio in android and windows for a very long time....just hopped into linux and finding it buggy...
  4. I don't remember changing my password on Resilio on my Synology NAS but I am unable to log in. I followed the directions in the "how do I reset the Web UI" article on the support site but it did not change anything. I still get prompted for a user/password and I cannot get past this screen. It is not prompting me for a NEW username/password -- it is acting just like before. How else can I get back into the UI?
  5. I had an old version (1.4) installation running in my ubuntu 14.04 installation. After I got a notification in the web-frontend to upgrade, I downloaded the new 2.0 version of Bittorrent Sync and tried to install it. As the old version was still installed I initially failed to do so. So I removed the Binaries (=the file I installed wtih 1.4), removed the btsync packages I found in the software manager and several hidden folders connected to Bittorrent sync (hope I got all). I could finally install the 2.0 version and start the webgui but seem to have misspelled the password I set up for the webgui as I now cant login to the localhost:8888 gui anymore. I fail to remove the 2.0 installation in a way that i could after reinstallation setup the password again. After each re-installation I am asked to enter the password which I dont have. Therefore my question: How can I remove the bittorrent sync installation completely under ubuntu? (Folders so far removed the folder with the binaries and all hidden folders within. the hidden btsync folder one hierachy higher (user folder))Or how can I reset the password for the webgui? (is there a config file? And where?) Thanks a lot for helping me out!
  6. Hi Guys, can you please help me out here. The WebGUI is asking for a password and I don't know where's the config file to edit in Windows 7. Screenshot:
  7. Hello, i forgot the password to enter the webgui for bittorrent sync on my synology dsm 412+ running version for dsm: 5.0-4528 and bittorrent version: 1.4.83-8 any suggestions how to approach? is there a way to overwrite the password. Or installing everything new. Many thanks, boxxxy
  8. On my QNAP TS-269L with firmware 4.1.0 Build 20140612, after removing and reinstalling the BitTorrent Sync 1.3.106 app I'm prompted to set a password for admin. Pretty standard stuff. If I use a simple password such as "1234" everything works just fine. But if, after deleting and reinstalling the app, I use a long complex password such as "07hQ8DQ#W7vdjD%e7Z1U64ty" I can't login! I determined that "#" was an invalid character although that wasn't flagged when I pasted it in and confirmed it. Can you please accept any number of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and special characters in the GUI password? And if you can't, can you please put a note as to which characters are, and what length is, legal? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am running a Bittorent sync server off of my Raspberry Pi. However, I don't know what the password is for the webui. I know for sure that it is not the default. I tried multiple times and it didn't work. How can I reset the password? Is there a way to uninstall it all and reinstall to get back to default configuration? I appreciate any help! Thanks, Stefan M.
  10. hi there I recently setup btsync on a freeNAS box. It works great. I made a mistakes though, and I can't remember what I set as the Web GUI password to. I'd prefer not to have to 'start over'. Is there a way to reset that password? I was reading the documentation and it looks like you can put the password in the config file and I found the config file, but it doesn't have a password set in it. JAIL_ROOT./usr/pbi/btsync-amd64/etc/btsync.conf I also found a settings.dat file, which appears to have a hashed version of the password, but it appears to be a binary file and I'm not a little afraid to try to edit it. JAIL_ROOT./var/db/btsync/settings.dat Is there something I can do, maybe from the command line? Thanks.
  11. OS: Debian Squeeze x64 Btsync: 1.3.105 Changing the password from the preferences in the web UI is working only until you restart btsync. After a restart, btsync will regain it's old password. tx ** I forgot to mention, using "dpkg-reconfigure btsync" the password changed is applied correctly.
  12. I'm using a config file when launching btsync under linux ("btsync --config configFilePath"). In the config (json) file, I've removed both the "login" and "password" fields from the "webui" section but when launching btsync in the browser (http://ip:8888) the browser still asks for (basic) authentication. According to the comments in the sample config file (generated via "btsync --dump-sample-config") I can, "remove 'login' and 'password' fields to disable credentials check". The API docs at also state this. Does anyone know how to configure btsync so the btsync Web UI does NOT require authentication? Thank you, Marc
  13. i would like to secure webUI with password on linux. i followed the manual but it seems that i am doing something wrong, because i can still connect to webUI without the usn/pwd prompt. what i did (following the manual): 1. i made a config file in the folder where the btsync binary is: ./btsync --dump-sample-config > sync.conf 2. i edited that config file: changed /* remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check */ "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "password" } to // remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check // "webui" : { "listen" : "", "login" : "admin", "password" : "blahblahblah" } 3. i also added the LAN encryption line to the end of the file: // LAN encryption "lan_encrypt_data": true 4. restarted the deamon, connected to webui - without the password propmt! 5. i also renamed the sync.conf file to sync.json. same result. please tell me what i am doing wrong... thanks!