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Found 8 results

  1. ...if I have already *manually* paused syncing on that folder? Obviously I know that there's not going to be any syncing done on a paused folder. IMO, in this case, the message is just annoying and a waste of time. Agree or disagree?
  2. Hi, I seem to be experiencing strange behaviour when pausing sync. I have sync completely paused on 2 machines - a mac and a PC however there is still transfer of new and deleted files and folders between the computers. Changes to files seem to be paused as expected however I assumed that this would pause all transfer activity? Is this expected behaviour or does it sound like an issue? Thanks!
  3. Hi, after I upgraded to 2.5,3 is see that the Settings page has been redesigned. It's more more intuitive now, but I'm missing a feature. Before there was a "Pause all" option in the Settings dropdown menu. Now there is no dropdown menu, but also this feature seems to be gone. Am I missing something or did you remove the feature to pause all activity? If so, is there any workaround available? Thank you!
  4. Hey Guys - Just a quick suggestion of a feature often used in SABnzbd. As I download from many different applications on my PC, sometimes I want to pause specific services so that others will have the full bandwidth yet don't want to wait for the downloads to finish (or have to remember) to start them again. I use NetBalancer to assign priorities to specific application's traffic which helps with some of this, but it doesn't work exactly the way you'd hope it would. SABnzbd has a great feature which allows you to pause the entire queue for a set duration of time after which it will automatically resume downloading. It would be great to have this capability as a whole of preferably per shared folder in BTSync. For example, in SABnzbd, clicking this option for the main queue provides you with the following options: 5 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour 3 hours 6 hours Pause for... (Where you may enter a custom minutes value) Is there any possibility of having a similar feature for BTSync? If not, it would be great to at least have some way to instruct BTSync the specific files / folders you wish to be downloaded / uploaded first. Currently, I have to move files around on the host, wait for them to sync, then remaining, lower priority files back to download - or - transfer individually via FTP which is a pain. Any chance for either of these? Thanks!
  5. Hey Guys - The Issue I've been using BTSync Pro for a few months now and enjoy it. For the past few weeks, I've had an issue where sync speed between a remote Linux host and my local PC hasn't been what it should. At top speed, the sync should be running at ~2Mbps but instead it hovers around 250-300Kbps. I attributed this to my OS as I had a couple of other issues. This weekend, I went to Windows 10. Not an upgrade, but secure erased my OS SSD, installed Windows 10 x64 Ent from scratch, and reinstalled everything. All app configurations were new, too no copying over any old AppData configs. Once I installed BTSync, I added it to my existing sync devices and set up my sync pair from the Linux box. Same issue is occuring. Workaround Found I did find one thing which has resolved it somewhat. If I leave a sync running at 200-300Kbps, it stays that way - however - if I pause it, wait a few seconds, then unpause it; it syncs at full speed. Doing this only works about 20% of the time, but when it does, you know it as the speed jumps to 2Mbps in a couple of seconds. The problem is that I sync files at all hours and it's constantly on and off. Therefore, it would be impossible for me to sit and watch it then perform this fix as needed. I'm 100% confident that no other transfers are going on at the same time as I've lived with this issue for a while now and done many tests. I will say that the Linux server is overseas, but if BTSync was working correctly or it was a connection issue, I'd think I'd see the speed fluctuate during sync, but it doesn't. It either stays at 200-350Kbps or at 2Mbps - never a speed between or back and forth between the two. Is this a known issue? Would you think it be more related to the network / internet or perhaps the Linux end? Any suggestions? Please help, Support, as I'm close to just setting up ownCloud locally and using it the same way. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Realised a fairly significant issue this morning when I downloaded Office for Mac, and I have my downloads folder set to sync across machines. As I'm working remotely and using a mifi device, I just burned through 2gb for the download itself, and the presumably another 2gb (or more) to upload it via BT Sync. As I already have scripts that execute when I'm not on my home network, I'm wondering if there's a way to include some Applescript to pause BitTorrent Sync until I'm back at home. I can't see an Applescript dictionary in the app, so wondering if 1) there's any hidden functionality to pause that I might take advantage of or 2) if anyone has done something like this by scripting the UI (either the menubar icon or otherwise). Thanks, Tom
  7. I'm syncing about 20GB in 170,000 files, and only one way. This causes the machine with the original data (6 year old Xeon with WinServer 2003) to constantly index. The machine is a bit old, so that may be why, but is there a way to pause indexing (not just pause syncing, which I know you can do)? When I pause syncing, the computers are still using resources constantly (or at least every 10 minutes) to index the files, and I'd like it to just kind of sit idle for a while until I planned on syncing again. Other than that, Bit Sync seems to work alright on my set up. However, the files usually take a few hours before they sync to the backup machine, which I think is due to the time it takes to index everything. Does it watch for changes, or just re-index the whole thing constantly? I like this better than my other options, so thanks a bunch to the developers for for making this!
  8. The ability to pause syncing is a GREAT feature, but can create issues if you forget to UNpause it. It would be nice to have a status notification, perhaps have the tray-icon change color, or show the 'pause' symbol (parallel vertical bars) over the SyncApp icon in the tray?