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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I used to use this great product on my android tablet seamlessly, but since the time I moved to ipad I started to have a major problem. I had a folder full of pdf on my android tablet and as soon as I annotated and commented on a pdf file on my tablet, I had the same changes in my pdf file on pc. Now I can still sync between ipad and pc but the problem is that when I open your app on ipad and open a pdf file from inside your app and comment on it, my comments do not save on the same file. Instead some other numbered copies are added to my acrobat reader on ipad. This is a major problem for me. Please help me. How can I sync my pdf files without using cloud storage between ipad and pc? Lots of thanks in advance for your kind helping hand. Best.
  2. Hello! I am a new Sync convert and am enjoying using it to share my pdf library between my Mac and iPhone. The only hiccup so far is that I would like to be able to read an annotate the pdfs on both devices, and have these edits synced between them. Sync's inbuilt pdf reader doesn't seem to annotation capabilities, so I'm wondering whether it's possible to access the files in my Sync folders with another app that can do annotation, and then save them back into the Sync folder. Or is there some simpler solution that I haven't thought of? Thanks and best wishes!