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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there. I have been a resilio sync user for a while and I have synced a lot of data. I have 4 devices which I keep synced, my phone, work laptop, another laptop and a raspberry pi. The folder on raspberry pi is set to selective sync on each of the devices. Now for some reason, after syncing a 7 or 10 gb file to my pi, sync has stopped detecting my pi altogether. On my pcs, even if on the internet (not lan), it will not show up. But strangely enoiugh, on my phone the pi shows up (not on lan). So I am not sure what caused this. There was no update on either of my devices to cause this issue. It suddenly just stopped working. If you can help me it would be great, thanks.
  2. hi I'm new to Resilio Sync. I've shared my first folder from my server with my first peer, and all is well; peer 1 pulls down the data. When I share the same folder to a second peer, the second peer pulls down data in the folder as expected, but only ever 'sees' the server. The peers do not see each other, although do have an entry under 'inactive' for each other, noted as 0 of 0 peers. Both shares are as Read Only. Its like my peers don't like each other, and will only see the server from which the share was 'issued'. The server see the first peer, and shows the second peer as inactive, and shows 0 of 0 peers next to it. It did use a gold image for the second peer created from the first, but device unlinked then gave it new device name / user, and joined to network. I do recall a message saying time difference too great, but can't recall which of my 3 devices generated it, although it was when I joined peer number 2. Sounds like a riddle. What have a done wrong? Should I start from scratch on the peers? What would this look like. Perhaps sudo dpkg-reconfigure bysync might reset the peers? Version 2.4.1, upgraded from Free to Pro on Server. Older versions on Pi 3 peers (OSMC) 2.0.93 as this version has low CPU demands. Thanks in advance, Geoff.
  3. Admittedly I have little knowledge of sharing files in this manner. How do I establish a peer and what exactly is that? How can I access the ID when I have no idea what app to use? I've paid for this, but in my ignorance do not find it user friendly and can't even find an address to request a termination and refund. After hours of trying, I am giving the forum a shot - maybe someone will have pity on my lack of how to do this sort of thing. DeAnn