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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! We have an office network with one server that has an open port to the internet. I'm trying to share folders with external partners by logging into the our server, using the browser, and generating links there. What happens often, but not always, is that I get the message to approve the peer on the server, but when it's approved, little else happens. The peer is listed as 'Disconnected', I can not click it, unlike other disconnected peers, and the number of peers (total) does not include the peer. Our partner says that the folder still claims to be 'Pending Approval'. The folder has 'Use tracker server' and 'Use relay server when required' checked on our server. It's using sync 2.2.5, because 2.3 just crashes, as I've tried to convey here: The external partner of course rushes to suggest other technologies, and I find it very hard to keep pushing to use Bittorrent Sync, (which I very much would like to). Please help.
  2. I'm trying to synch a folder to a new PC. After adding it I get a message on the host that asks me to aprrove the new PC. I accepted it, but the added PC still states pending approval. It's been in this state for hours. How can I fix this?
  3. Hey. I'm syncing Camera folder from my Oneplus One phone (great phone btw!) between my laptop, desktop and Rpi with NAS network drive. First two work without any problems (my oneplus photos&vids appear both on laptop and desktop), but when pasting the key to Rpi's sync via webpanel, I'm getting the "pending approval" message, but notification doesnt appear on my oneplus one phone. Versions of Sync: Oneplus one = Windows machines: 1.4.103 beta Rpi = 1.4.93 beta Thanks for any suggestions Qlex