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Found 10 results

  1. I've just installed Sync on my unraid machine, and I wanted to add a folder, but I always get the error saying that I don't have the permission to access the folder and I cannot find anyway to add login and password to it. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi everybody, On a Qnap Nas, I just wonder how you can set up BTsync on the folder "/share" (the root one)? During the set up process, BTsync doesn't allow me to do this... See screenshot here : I think it's all about permissions right, even if I'm logged in as "admin" (=root account on Qnap Nas). For the moment BTsync just allow me to choose a subfolder but we already have folders (for example : ADMIN, ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES, WORK) inside the "/share". These folders have been previously synced with RTRR protocol (approx. 3TB of datas). Now we want to manage the syncing process with BTSync... because RTRR is way to slow... If you have any idea, it would be great! Thanks in advance. Regards. John
  3. I have been using BTSync for a while and still have some old folders from the v1.2/v1.4 beta time (or whatever the version was in the beginning) in case this could be relevant or help troubleshooting my issue. I never noticed any problems with my folders, but since I recently linked my devices and connected a couple of folders (now using v2.3), some inconsistencies became apparent. A couple of folders (most likely the oldest ones) only seem to only have a single "READ-ONLY" key when looking into the "Preferences > View Key" section of BTSync. However, when hovering over them with the mouse, they are shown as "Read & Write Standard Folder". The symbol also looks plain normal without the read-only indicator inside the app as well as inside Finder (I am using OS X). So far so good. Today, I linked another device with my main computer and noticed that on this machine the connected folder is shown as read-only in the Finder view. However, it still listed as a Read & Write folder inside BTSync (with the default folder icon). It obviously it also only has a "Read-only" key, same as on my main computer. When I add files on this machine, it appears they do not get synced. As I never added this as a read-only folder or want this to be the case - how can I change it? All I found is this outdated article: but it seems you can no longer find an "Update Key" button in the folder preferences So would I have to remove this folder and re-add it (loosing connections to other machines in the process) ? Or is there another way to "upgrade" this folder to behave just like the other ones?
  4. Hello guys, I'm trying to sync a folder from pc to my phone (sd card) , but when I choose a folder it pops up that I don't have permission to write on the sdcard (I just can sync in the standard folder .../data/com.bittorrent.sync/files, however I can't see the images in my gallery when I sync with the standard folder) Do you guys know how to write in a different folder and how to see the pictures in the standard folder in my gallery? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I'm having a problem changing a share permission on a couple of folders. I was generating share links for a few folders and adding them on another PC. Half way though I realized that only the first link I had generated was a Read/Write, the others were Read Only. My bad! So I went ahead and removed all of those folders I had just added and proceeded to generate new links this time with the correct permissions. Unfortunately. every time I add them they just get the same old permissions they used to have. Is there something I need to do in order to clear out knowledge of the previous key it obtained so it will re-capture the correct key from the folder owner that I am getting the share links from? Any help is greatly appreciated! Running Sync 2.1.1 --Justin
  6. Hi all, I have a setup as follows: (1) Linux x64 version 2.0.128 (36), I make a folder and share it as Read only (2) Synology NAS version 2.0.128 (36), I add the foldder using "Manual Connection" I get files into the FROM(1) folder and they sync lovely to the TO(2) folder. This works like a charm and all is good. Problem: I delete the file in the TO(2) folder and expect the file to stay in the FROM(1) folder but it is deleted. What am I doing wrong? I see looking at the "Peer list..." that Permissions says "Owner" and not "Read only". How can I make sure that the source stays untouched like in the old days (version 1.xx)? Thanks in advance, HavocDK
  7. I'm having an issue with permission setting when I'm sharing the folders. Does not make any difference when I share Read Only or Read & Write, the files are deleted on my "main" computer when I delete them from my "other" computer. I would like to use my "main" pc as source of the files which will be uploaded incrementally to my "other" pc.
  8. I have a raspberry pi, mounting a smb share on my synology nas. The mount takes place with all right (777) required on the /mnt/share/ And then I try to sync from a laptop to the share (in readonly mode). The mount is not empty, actually it already contains a full copy of what is going to be synced, if not it can delete stuff (I don't care). Now I get the error "don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." When I do the same thing, but now create a directory within the /mnt/share/syncdir/ Now it just syncs fine... What is going on here? Please explain this behaviour, so I understand what I am doing wrong. Thanks, #3
  9. I use the bittorent sync program on non-root Android 4.3. The syncing is working well with version 1.2.12. We know that there are folders (e.g. applications are installed) on Android memory which can be read only at best and we cannot delete, modify the objects on this part with 3rd party software like BT sync. Namely the BT sync wants to create hidden folders in the synced folder (.SyncID, .SyncIgnore) and the Android doesn’t allow the access. Sure if the program can manage, collect the sync specified information elsewhere and it will do a backup of all the folders which are on the Android memory. (and then therefore we probably don't have to root our device) Why doesn’t it work this way? Is there any reason? Could you explain, please? Regards, ITcrowd
  10. Hello, Does btsync copy folder/files permission on remote server as well? Because I am using btsync on my NAS but its not copying permission to remote NAS it always set permission to root 755 where as permission are different(like: user 700) on local server.