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Found 7 results

  1. I take a lot of pictures on my iPhone 6s and then transfer them to my PC. I open an existing read write folder that is synced to the PC. I then punch the + sign to add files to the folder. I then select the "photo" tab and then the "all photos" tab. In parentheses it shows 76 photos, there are several hundred photos on the camera roll. The photos it shows are mixed up and not current. How can I make Resilio "see" all of the camera roll. I have been using Resilio since it changed from BitSync, several years I believe and this problem just started several months ago after a iOS update. Can anything be done?
  2. I just downloaded the latest Resilio Sync 2.4.3 app for iOS and configured photo backup again. With the previous Bittorrent Sync 2.3.x iOS app, when "Camera Backup" was enabled, it dumped all files into a single folder on the linked server. Now with the Resilio Sync app, instead of all IMG_*.* getting dumped into the same single directory, it's recreating the 100APPLE, 101APPLE, etc. DCIM folder structure ( that you typically find on a CF card when you plug it into a computer, which is a pain to deal with. I much preferred the old method where all files and movies were dumped into the single directory. Does anyone understand the change in behavior (and how to revert it)?
  3. It would be great if like the camera roll backup feature you could create an automated backup of a particular album. As an example you could have a documentation album and then you could share this with colleagues who would then have access to any images you add into that album.
  4. i have enabled camera backup on my iphone. Ive added folder on my mac that is going to be in-sync with the phone. On initial backup, it works. When I remove an image from my iphone - this is NOT reflected in my backup When I delete an image in my backup that is still on the phone - the image is NOT downloaded again. (i do get notification from app about readonly folder) The backup does not start automatically on iPhone - I have to open Sync app to start the sync. My major issue here is 2 and 3. I would like that my backup is a real reflection on what i have on the iPhone. For 4. - this would be nice if it can work automatically.
  5. I have a 100gb photo collection that I sync between my desktop, nas and a PC off site. I just went through and updated tags and other meta data on all the photos. I would think that because its tags and other metadata is stored in EXIF and they are all JPG so it is universally accepted that EXIF data can easily change it would just sync the EXIF. Boy was I mistaken. Google+ Auto Back took a whopping 2 minutes to resync the EXIF data. BT Sync 1.4.106 is taking 5 days to resync that little bit of data. Am I wrong in thinking that LIKE EVERY OTHER SYNC PROGRAM the entire files doesn't need to be resent, just a few bytes that actually changed?
  6. Whenever I delete a picture on my PC, it indeed removed on my Android device, yet a 0 byte file of the same name remains. The same occurs in the other direction as well i.e. if I delete a file on my Android device, a 0 byte file of the same name remains. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is there any way to fix it? P.S. Yes, all of this is taking place in a synced folder I have synced on both devices using BitTorrent Sync.
  7. I'm experiencing a camera backup permission problem on 8.1 IOS that I hope someone can help me with. New install of iOs 8.1, just downloaded and started using Bittorrent Sync. When I swipe to enable camera backup, error says "Bittorrent Sync does not have permission to access your photos. Go to Privacy > Photos > Bittorrent Sync to enable." But, when I go to the privacy settings in my Iphone, Bittorrent Sync is not listed among the apps requesting permission. Any insights or work around? Why isn't Sync requesting permission to access my photos? All I can find on the topic are references to the camera roll problem being resolved by 8.1. , but I just switched to 8.1 before I even installed bittorrent sync.