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Found 3 results

  1. Good morning, as might be understandable from the request title, when using selective sync would be nice that placeholders show not the actual placeholder file size (0KB for all of them) but the original remote file size (the not synced one), as well as its properties ideally. This is not happening, at least on windows clients side. This is the most common way of display placeholder size and it's used in most common cloud services. Any chance to implement this feature in resilio sync? Thank you Regards
  2. Have been struggling with Home Pro setup after adding a new linked device and inadvertently syncing everything from another device. I now understand the function of the linked devices is to do exactly that. However, in the process of working that out, a folder was deleted on one device which had placeholders in it. When I reconnected the synced folder, the placeholders were not restored. Can't figure out how to force full sync of the affected folder. Tried changing Selective Sync status from "On" to "Off" - didn't work; tried On->Off and disconnecting the folder, then reconnecting - didn't work; tried On->Off and then "touching" the affected subfolder - didn't work; have yet to try On->Off and "touching" the affected subfolder on the source device (kind of hard to do in my remote setting). Any suggestions (and even corrections) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. When you set up a sync folder with Selective Sync ON, the entire directory shows up with folders containing placeholder files. This is great because you can search these directories (with Alfred for example) and then just sync the file you want to use. However, when you choose a folder and select "Remove from this device," the folder's contents and the folder itself turn into placeholders. Now you can no longer enter that folder and see what's inside, nor can you search it. This is really annoying. What I then tend to do is unsync the contents of each folder individually instead of unsyncing the folder. It would really be great if, when you unsync a folder, it preserves the folders and only replaces the files with placeholders.