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Found 5 results

  1. Make it portable. Because portable apps are awesome. And also because i'd be able to carry me entire workplace around on a stick
  2. so you can run BitTorrent sync on a seagate wireless hard drive though costume firmware does anyone know it its possible to run on a western digital wireless my passport. it can be installed on other wd narratives in one shape or another.
  3. First Create a SyncApp folder on your PC or portable USB device Put the "SyncApp.exe" inside the folder you created Inside the same folder create a new empty "Text Document" file and rename it from "New Text document.txt" to "settings.dat" Start the SyncApp.exe If you want to transfer you old settings, search for them in c:\.......\SyncApp and copy them to the same folder without creating the new Text Document and then start SyncApp.exe.
  4. Hi there, I was looking for a way to make bittorrent sync portable or download a pre-compiled portable version. I saw the below thread which confirmed that the "portable mode" installation feature was somehow buggy: Question: when can we expect a release that will fix this issue? Alternatively, is there a to one of the cited, older versions of the application, where the "portable mode" function still works? Appreciate your support, it's a fantastic application!
  5. Hey guys so here's the question: What I want to/need to do is be able to change computers on which an external drive is syncing. Computer A is syncing a hard drive with another location, but I want to move all my SyncApp settings to Computer B and continue syncing with that same location without having to reindex everything or redownload everything. Any suggestions or help? Thanks in advanced.