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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all. I have read multiple files on here to try and resolve this, but my WS MyCloud EX2 Ultra will NOT sleep with Resilio Sync installed. Firmware/version: WS MyCloud EX2: 2.31.204 Sync: I have gone into 'Power User Preferences' and changed config_refresh_interval, config_save_interval and folder_rescan_interval all to 18000. I have then rebooted. No change. Has this been solved? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. This is targeted at the developers more than anybody. BitTorrent Sync tends to use too much power on OS X. The newest version of OS X, 10.9, makes it easy to quantify which processes are wasting power with it's new "Energy Impact" metric in the Activity Monitor. The latest version of Sync has an average impact of around 3.5, I very rarely update my Sync folders, so Sync is almost always idle (screenshot). To give some perspective, Dropbox has 0.3, Skype has 0.16, has 0.43. On the other end of the spectrum, Chromium sits around 4.96. IMO, BitTorrent Sync should be much closer to processes like Skype and Dropbox than to processes like Chrome, especially when there is no sync activity. Earlier versions of Sync would sometimes become runaway processes, I noticed, almost maxing out the CPU. At least this seems to be solved for now. Anybody notice that BTSync is a bit of a battery-drainer? P.S. AFAIK, the energy impact is a ratio. That doesn't invalidate my argument.
  3. Hello, I installed BitTorrent Sync (as well as BitTorrent) on my Nexus 5 and when they are active, the device never goes to sleep. The auto-sleep feature doesn't seem to have an effect on that. I have to shutdown the apps and restart the device for the power management to kick in. Is anybody else experiencing this? Any solutions? I tried searching these forums but found nothing relating to Android devices. Thanks, Rebel Geek
  4. Hi I really like this app, and the futures this program gives to the computers and phones together.. But, for a fully charged S4, i uses 30% of my battery when it is in auto start up and auto sync. WiFi an cellular. Normal usage etc, it just falls about 6%. This is in an time period of 3 hours. Is this something that can be fixed? Petter