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Found 3 results

  1. We want to let the community know that we will no longer be providing new Power PC and PPC QorlQ Linux builds of Sync. These platforms had very few users out of the millions of people who use Sync, and we're going to use the resources spent to maintain these platforms to make Sync better for more popular platforms. Let us know if there are any questions.
  2. Hi everyone, I am running btsync on two machines. Syning mostly read only backups or encrypted nodes. In both cases restarting btsync often leads to an "Out of sync" status and no matter how long btsync runs (tried a couple of days) i never leaves this state. My questions: is this fixable, without deleting the r/o or encrypted backup and re-adding them? Why is this happening?Edit: all running 1.4.83
  3. Hi, I have a WiFi router that runs OpenWRT and does not have a MIPS CPU but rather a Freescale PPC QorIQ CPU. So I tried the PPC QorIQ version of BTSync but got: ./btsync: No such file or directoryI figured it might be because OpenWRT uses uClibc instead of glibc. I can build my own OpenWRT with eglibc (notice the "e"!). But it takes time and I want to ask for advice before trying and wasting time. My question is: Is uClibc really the problem? If yes, does BTSync work with eglibc or is glibc really needed? Other remarks? Thanks!