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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have tried to get as much information out of the public help articles on the predefined hosts but they are close to useless. The whole concept of predefined hosts are speculative at best for the end user. Below are my questions I would like to get answered and be available for other users to learn. Do the predefined hosts act as relays and/or trackers? If they can act as relays/trackers, do they have to have the files themselves or they would only need to have the list? i.e. can they be set up with individual sync and never host files themselves? I am not interested in using an OpenVPN like solution but please state if it is necessary or not to what I I want to achieve. I trust the Resilio Sync public tracker but I am also interested in using a private solution, like set up a sync on an AWS EC2 and let it be my private tracker/relay server for my network. Can it be achieved with defining that AWS EC2 as the predefined host?
  2. Hi, Everyone, I hope someone can help someone who's kinda' new to this. I know it may sound stupid but I'm a little clueless with networking stuff. I would be very grateful for any assistance. I have two basic questions. One is about predefined hosts and the other is about the use of VPN's with Resilio Sync. Question #1: Is using predefined hosts the safest and fastest method of syncing between two remote computers? It appears that using predefined hosts is the safest method of syncing files between two remote places (let's say my home and my old computer at my parent's home). Is that correct? Also, is using predefined hosts the FASTEST method of syncing my files? It appears not to be the case. Whenever I use the tracker or relay option, syncing seems to be a lot faster. I checked all my firewall and port settings. They seem to be all correctly set up. Are predefined hosts the fastest method? And what common mistakes do people make when they set things up that prevent it from being the fastest connection? Question #2: If I set up a VPN network to connect the computer at my home and the computer at my parent's house so everything acts like they are on the same network, is Resilio Sync necessary? At my parent's house, I had set up a NAS on their network. If I kept all my personal folders and files on the NAS, couldn't I simply access all my files via the VPN network whether I'm at my home or my parent's house? Thanks in advance for any guidance people can give me. I've been toying around with Resilio Sync for a while and I'm not getting the hang out of it.
  3. As we can set up predefined hosts in desktop application of resilio sync for all sync folder, why does it have no preference for camera backup in mobile apps? I need use this to connect to my own hosts since I'm in China... Is there any one know how to setup it or it will be a feature in the future? Thanks all!
  4. Hello, I got an question about predefined host settings in Resilio Sync. I use SSH remote forward to make my Resilio Sync Server(which is in a LAN) visible on the internet, then my other devices connect to the remote public server using predefined host. My question is that does all the data transferred between this two devices are going through the remote public server? Or it will be just end-to-end transfer, which means the predefined host setting is just a host discovery service? Thanks all!
  5. How to set to connect to a peer in resilio sync by the predefined host first? I know I can add a predefined host for a folder by the artical When I run a resilio sync client, I hope that the resilio sync client can first search and connect other client by the predefined host. How can I do? Thanks!
  6. As the title says, will there be the "predefined host" option for the mobile (android) version or did I just missed it?