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Found 4 results

  1. Hi @All, first, I am very happy with the functionality of "Resilio Sync". It works great. I am using it with multiple clients: 2 private ones (unencrypted) + 1 phone + 1 server (encrypted). I can predefine my static server IP in all desktop applications. And now I wondered if there is an option to predefine hosts in the Android App, as well ? Or how can I make sure that my phone is finding my server without using the relay, and tracker service? Thanks for your help
  2. [sOLVED] See below. We have a setup where I use BTSync to synchronize classic folders of file updates with other members of a team. All users are trusted, but on one machine I only want to sync over LAN because of bandwidth restrictions. My laptop is connected nightly on an unlimited internet plan, while a desktop is within a LAN on a metered connection. I download updates from an always-on server when I am home on the Laptop, and open up BTSync on both devices so that they can sync over the LAN. Laptop: Moves between connections. Syncs with internet and desktop. -Windows 10 -Sync 2 -Use relay -Use Tracker -Use LAN. -I use Netlimiter to programmatically minimize Internet downloading during work hours, but allow all LAN traffic for BTSync. Desktop: Sits within a network with severe download restrictions. -Ubuntu 14.04 -Sync 2 -Do not use Relay -Do not use Tracker Server -Search LAN -Use Predefined hosts (Configured for ONLY the Laptop) -NO pregram exists on Linux that can configure internet/LAN bandwidth per application like Netlimiter. -Less-tech-savvy LAN users can access the folders through Samba/Windows sharing. I configured the Desktop as above after connecting the folders, but it continues to download from Internet sources that it has "seen" before when it was still using the tracker. This effectively nullifies the "Use Predefined hosts" feature. How do I get BTSync to forget these internet peers that it knows about and hold to the settings as configured? A partial solution would be if BTSync allowed me to configure both LAN and WAN bandwidth limits (.1Kb for WAN, Unlim for WAN), but I would prefer that this machine forget that the outside users exist. How can I clear the cache of internet peers? I found my part of my answer here: part here: and the rest here:
  3. Hi, User story: "As a user I want to restict the syncing only to a branch of a subnet to further increase the security and reduce traffic on other subnets." Background: In the case that you want to keep syncing of multiple machines in a sub-net local to reduce traffic you would want to switch off DHT and tracker servers. If you use LAN discovery there will still be broadcast messages generated. To remove those you would have to specify a list of predefined hosts. BUT it can well be that those are not known because you still have a DHCP server running and so you do not exactely know the IPs that are given to a new (but allowed to sync) machine. So, in a class C subnet you could work around by listing all IP's from .1 to .254 - however this is quite cumbersome and can be come even unpracticable if you have to use a class B subnet. So, it would be handy if there were wildcards that you could add in the nerwork mask. I was trying to set 192.168.100.*:3838 ; ; but sync only happened when I defined the unique IP of the other host. Is there a way to use wildcards in this list?
  4. Hello, my question is - what if I specify multiple pre-defined hosts - what the priority will be? What if these hosts will be different ISP going to the same device? Thank you!