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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to sync LARGE folder from a Windows Machine to any other device (at the moment a Raspberry Pi with a USB Drive, but if I get this working it will be any other device). Large is just shy of 3TB. My thinking was that while I have access to USB I could pre-sync the folder by simply copying files over and then running BTSync to mirror any additional changes. Sync of course wanted to overwrite every file on the Pi. I am assuming due to changes in the file attributes triggering sync to replace them. Trying to use Sync across the lan will take roughly a Month and is outside the bound
  2. It would be really really flexible if after BTSync figures out that it has completed syncing a FOLDER let's say, that for that FOLDER you can specify a command to run after the sync completes. A wonderful use would be to maybe run a script that does a GIT ADD/COMMIT/PUSH on the FOLDER after syncing is done. It creates a world of opportunity to handle all sorts of network and peer arrangements that you may not have thought of. And since there is a PostSync, I guess if BTSync scans and figures out that a FOLDER is out of sync, you could have a PreSync action trigger as well. I can't think of