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Found 4 results

  1. I use Resilio Sync to sync files among computers within my local network. I've unchecked "Use relay server when required" and "Use tracker server" in preferences for every connected folders. But Resilio Sync still keep making outgoing connections to the tracker server( and 2606:2e00:8003:1:ec4:7aff:fe57:108e). Is it possible to disable this? for security and privacy concern.
  2. I setup sync between two nodes and despite turning off relay and tracker (on both nodes) and restarting the sync service, all data is sent to according to TCPView. Very concerning. Can someone please let me know what is going on?
  3. Hi, I installed Bittorrent Sync 1.4.110. I read some topics regarding privacy, and I understand hash is not privacy data. But I would like to use Bittorrent Sync as pure P2P system. Share(mail,copy,QR code) will use internet connection( So I will use "copy key" in settings. I disalbed both "use tracker server" and "use relay server". I believed this will work pure P2P system. But I found my firewall logs continue to show connection between UDP 3000 and my local pc. How can I stop this? To disable "use relay seve
  4. When I read all this: I wonder whether bittorrent gets all informations to identify peers by using this link thing and could interfer their communication. juh