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Found 9 results

  1. I use Resilio Sync to sync files among computers within my local network. I've unchecked "Use relay server when required" and "Use tracker server" in preferences for every connected folders. But Resilio Sync still keep making outgoing connections to the tracker server( and 2606:2e00:8003:1:ec4:7aff:fe57:108e). Is it possible to disable this? for security and privacy concern.
  2. I setup sync between two nodes and despite turning off relay and tracker (on both nodes) and restarting the sync service, all data is sent to according to TCPView. Very concerning. Can someone please let me know what is going on?
  3. Hi, I installed Bittorrent Sync 1.4.110. I read some topics regarding privacy, and I understand hash is not privacy data. But I would like to use Bittorrent Sync as pure P2P system. Share(mail,copy,QR code) will use internet connection( So I will use "copy key" in settings. I disalbed both "use tracker server" and "use relay server". I believed this will work pure P2P system. But I found my firewall logs continue to show connection between UDP 3000 and my local pc. How can I stop this? To disable "use relay sever" does not work?
  4. When I read all this: I wonder whether bittorrent gets all informations to identify peers by using this link thing and could interfer their communication. juh
  5. Hello everyone. New user here! I am a big user of the "cloud" and backing up everything to the cloud. I run multiple machines and I liked being able to turn off one and go to another have all my data there waiting. I was on the internet the other day reading and it terrified me! I was reading about how this guy had pictures of his son on his computer (and synced to Google Drive) (nonsexual, but still, as a child and in the bath tub). He said his files were set to private but still someone from the government knocked on his door and ask to view his laptop. That totally freaked me out! I have no child porn or anything like that, but just the thought that in my private folders people could go through it without my permission made me rather worried. Not because of the data that's there, but rather, it's MY data and I have a right to privacy and my documents, pictures and files are MINE. So I'm moving away from the cloud. That's when I remember that I had seen Bit Torrent Sync! To sync my devices is there any danger of NSA or Government intervention? I don't live in the US, I live in Spain. I mean, can the NSA still get my data if it's synced via Bit Torrent? If I'm at my house and I sync over the LAN I know it won't be an issue, but what about when I'm at work and I save a file and it syncs back to my house? Another option for me was to get a BT Sync server. There are a few of them floating around the net, and some (like aren't located in North America (which means great speeds for me!). Are they vulnerable? Can the government see what files are being synced back and forth? Once again, this isn't for illegal information or pictures or anything like that! This is all my content, documents, personal family and friends pictures. Nothing pornographic, nothing illegal. Like I mentioned before, it's just the thought that my data is being mined (in every sense if it's with Google). Thanks in advance. I've spent the entire morning browsing through the forum, and I see only good things but I haven't seen this issue really touched upon. Either that or my searching skills aren't that good: if this is the case, could you please redirect me? Thank you for your time! Kind regards, Kent.
  6. I'm new to BTSync so please excuse me if this has been discussed in previous topics… Is there any way to manage permissions on directories synced with BT, other than just filesystem permissions? My use-case is this: I am going to be setting up a multi-node network of headless Rasberry Pi's & big RAID 1 drives, each at the home of a different member of my extended family. I want to use BT sync not just for sharing family photos etc, but essentially also as a form of distributed backup – the family archive. You get the picture – someone adds some baby photos to their node as their personal backup, and they then know that it will also be backed up to all the other nodes. I would imagine this is a pretty common application of BTsync. The thing I'm wondering is if there is any way to sync content between nodes, but manage permissions, so that if you wanted to back up and distribute something for disaster recovery purposes, but didn't want everyone to actually be able to see your files. Is there a way to sync directories between two BTsync nodes, but prevent easy access on the node you are pushing to? Or is the assumption with BTsync made that sync of files between nodes mean 100% access on both nodes? Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  7. Hi, simple question that I couldn't find an answer to easily. Is anyone besides the recipient of the key able to see what type of files/data are being transferred over any network ? I've read of Bittorrent users being reported by their ISPS for seeding/uploading torrents, is this possible with BTSync ? Thanks
  8. Some countries are crazy when it comes to punishing torrent users, and some users want to be a bit extra prepared just to be on the safe side. Some people prefer their personal privacy. Lets just say if someone for instance where an active TPB user, downloading american shows, but don't want to be detected by people who wishes to cause problems. Would this scenario be a safe way to hide behind the radar?: 1: Use a browser through a proxy, for instance Tor to look on TPB for desired torrents. 2: Use an anonymous vps, which has a torrent client installed and web UI to add the torrents and download them on the VPS. 3: Transfer the media file after torrent is completed using BitTorrent Sync to my personal computer to enjoy the show. Is this a secure solution, or do you recommend something else?
  9. On it says What does BTSync send if my full access secret is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and I use tracker or DHT? Does it send AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA or a SHA-256 or SHA-512 or another hash of that secret? I've turned of the relay server, because I don't want all my files stored on other peoples server, but if it sends the regular secret without hashing it the trackers can just add that to their BTSync client and get the files from me. What does the URL look like? I know how the trackers work on regular BitTorrent Clients, so I'm curious what BTSync sends where. And what tracker does BTSync use? Can you choose yourself?