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Found 14 results

  1. I am using the Pro license, I have a single folder shared among several linux hosts. When I scan the QR code in some device to link it to my phone, the previous one I had linked disappears. In other words, the phone always shows in My Devices the "this device" and another, last linked one. Not sure if this also results in the shared folder being re-added with (1) appended (I noticed this wrong new copy of the folder, but I'm not sure if it was caused by this issue). Also, the folder has more peers (which is correct) than devices listed in My Devices, so certainly the app is aware of more devices.
  2. Hi, I have a Pro license with 2 Synology nas devices linked and in sync. That works. But now I want to add a brand new installed iMac with the last downloaded reslilio linked but I can't get it to work. Tried several times. But it hangs on transfer 95kb. And then an error message that it failed with Please check that both devices are online. The thing is in my identity I see the iMac added and with a green dot. But still it said it failed. Please help! How can I make this work? Regards, Ruben
  3. I have been running some tests using selective sync between a MyCloud PR2100 and a Macbook Pro. What is meant to happen if you move a selectively synced file or placeholder file on one client? I have found that doing so causes the file to be deleted on the host. Moving it back does not restore the change so the file is lost on the host. Screenshare
  4. Hi. I just bought a Family Pro license, so a 5-pack of Home Pro licenses. I want to hand out the extra licenses to my siblings but I'm an enthusiast with a lot of devices ( 4 each tablets, PCs, phones, plus a NAS and a Win10 filerserver, so 14 total, and it might get worse). I'm wondering if one single Pro license suffices for such a ridiculously high number of devices, or if at some point I'll get asked to burn a second license. I couldn't find confirmation anywhere. Please advise ?
  5. Hello, I had a problem when I switched SD cards (disabling synchronization temporarily). My sync folders are in the first SD card, but I needed to use a second one temporarily and when I put the main SD card, that has the sync folders, back on sync said it didn't have permission on the folders. Thank you
  6. In the comparison chart between free and Pro Sync it says the... "Ability to link devices under a common certificate (enables automatic synchronisation across linked devices)" is a Pro feature." Can anyone tell me what this means in practice? In the free mode I was able to sync NAS, Mac and iPhone. What is the advantage of a "common certificate"?
  7. My RPi seems dead which ive joined with my Pro license. in my other machines Sync UI, i see that i can "hide" my RPi, but not unlink it. Can i avoid that dead RPi (broken sd) alocating 1 of my 10 Pro licenswd devices? (and hanging around in my UI for no use)?
  8. Hi I'm using the free (2.0.93 ARM) version of sync, and probs won't upgrade to Pro, but I don't want to inadvertently turn on any pro features only to have then 'turn off' in 28 days. My question is 'is there any way to remove pro features on the trial version prior to expiry of Pro Trial? Cheers, Geoff.
  9. Hello, I already have Sync running on my laptop&pc under windows, and another instance on my Raspberry Pi. I recently added Ubuntu as a dualboot to my laptop and wanted to set up bittorrent sync there as well. The program itself runs fine, however, I cannot link it as a device to my identity. When I enter the connection key, I get to choose the folder to link to, but once I've chosen that, the window to enter the key it still open and it says "Please enter valid key". I've tried sharing one of my folders instead, and that works normally, it just seems the device linking doesn't work. What can I do about this?
  10. I like the idea of selective sync in the Pro Version. However, I need the Capabilities of the Pro Version to Stay with the Folder, not the Devices. The reason is I only have one folder that requires selective sync and I not want to pay for subscriptions on all devices. Can this be an option in the next release?
  11. Hi, I have a setup with BTSync on a laptop, a pc, and a Raspberry Pi to act as a server. I recently noticed it stopped working (not sure why - I actually think it might have just been on pause accidentally, it was pretty late...) Anyway, I had set this up before I had Pro and you could easily link devices under one identity. So I used it as an opportunity to do just that, and the sync between the pc and laptop works just fine. However, I can't get my Raspberry Pi to link. If I unlink the device over the WebGUI, I get the normal prompt to create an identity, but no option to link an identity from another device. Obviously I want to do that, so I can use the Pro version on the Pi as well. Any suggestions on how to solve this?
  12. My purchased Pro licence is not being applied to all my devices. Details: I am using Sync version 2.0.128 (36) on 2 Ubuntu Linux desktops, and version of the app on an Android phone. All are using the same Sync Identity. I have bought the Pro licence and activated/applied/installed it on one of the desktops. This device now shows the licence is installed. But my second desktop has not had the licence automatically applied as the documentation says it will - the 'upgrade to Pro' link is still there. This is despite syncing taking place for the last 90 minutes between the 2 desktops (in case you wonder if both devices are online). What do I do to resolve this problem? p.s. How do I even see if the mobile phone app has the 'pro' licence?
  13. Is there a way to opt out of the 30-day pro trial in sync 2.0? I'd like to evaluate the FREE version of Sync, but the Pro Trial makes that really difficult.
  14. I've purchased a Pro license. I've definitely seen the option to enable selective sync somewhere, the problem is I cannot see it anywhere anymore. I'm on 2.0.93. There used to be three choices in My Devices just half an hour ago, "Disconnected", "Connected" and "Synced". Now there are just two. When I try to connect a folder, it just asks where to sync to, and doesn't offer me to sync selectively. Under "Licenses..." it lists my license correctly. Any ideas?