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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I just realized that my devices aren't visible over WAN! Today I went to my parents house and wanted to get a file. I loaded it up and it said I had 0 peers! That's impossible because I have a dedicated Raspberry Pi always on. I go home to see that it was on, and I didn't understand why. Now I'm sitting on my Desktop (with BTSync) and my Pi (with BT Sync) over LAN they appear on peers that are active. While over WAN they don't! It says 0 peers. I used it over 3G/4G as well as over Wifi at my parents house. Am I missing some setting? This is my current configuration: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hi there, I have two windows machines syncing one folder. Once says 1240 files (3.7 Gb), the another 1239. Obviously the second one wants to download the file that is absent. But it can't, it just shows a permanent status of uploading. How can I know which one is failing? No .Sync* files out there. Already tried restarting syncs and computers (several times). Also trying to figure out which file could be by searching files of 54.5 Kb and modified within 2 weeks, but if I change the name of the files these are well synced with no change in file counting. How can I solve the mystery?? EDIT: Just before posting it has been solved. But why? No idea. I have just keeping changing the name of the suspicious file and then, suddenly the 1239 has changed to 1240 (with no extra file in the folder). As the problem has disappeared randomly I find it difficult to reproduce. But anyway perhaps it is useful to report this here (?). BW, Gerard
  3. Hello, I'm trying to setup a 3rd machine with an existing shared secret, one machine is in Thailand one i Denmark and the 3rd in USA. The latter (Windows server 2008 R2) cannot see the other clients and never transfers anything. The other two machines (Windows server 2012 & Mac OSX) syncs fine. I have logs to back it up: (snippet) It goes on and on like this: [2013-02-21 02:57:04] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Sites\ [2013-02-21 02:57:04] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Services\DeckhandDice [2013-02-21 02:57:05] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Sites\ [2013-02-21 02:57:05] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Services\DeckhandDice [2013-02-21 02:57:06] Sending broadcast ping for folder D:\Sites\ Any help appreciated. Thanks, Poul Foged