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Found 10 results

  1. As we know,It is no longer possible to use Sync normally in China.Because the server( is blocked. I found it working normally when using a proxy for the tracker server(just for the tracker server to avoid affecting speed).But I have to use proxfier for it. Could you add it as an option?
  2. I works behind proxy that allow connect only to 80 (http) and 443 (https) ports. I see that does not contain any tracker or relay with http (80) or https (443) ports. How can I connect to my shares at work with such proxy?
  3. everyone know in china is GFW block a lot of ip address or domain name. btsync also can't connect to tracker server so it can't work. but maybe there is a other way to fix it. a lot of people in china use shadowsocks (socks5 proxy) to cross the GFW. but almost shadowsocks server has traffic limit,so they can't use proxy to download or upload some thing. so i think maybe btsync can make one option for user. only use socks5 proxy connect to btsync tracker server. but use direction to other peer.
  4. I am one of those with t-mobile for my cell provider and so per This article i am unable to connect to my peers. I have been trying to make use of a socks5 server provided by however, when I enter the proxy information and login info into the iOS sync app's proxy section it appears to have no effect. After i return to the main folder page in the app I still am not connected to my peers. When i return to the proxy information screen on the app in advanced the proxy option is turned off and the proxy information is blank. I'm at a complete loss. Has anyone figured out a way to get this to work properly? Is proxy via cellular data on the sync app (in iOS) just not an option? The primary sync PC is running on raspbian and i can connect just fine to it when i'm on the wifi lan and when i'm on other people's wifi (those who don't restrict access to sync). Any ideas?
  5. Hi, It is my understanding that it should be possible to tunnel BTSYNC through ssh and bypass then any firewall configuration, but I haven't been able to find any guide AND I cannot make it work. What I do: - In my work computer configure putty to tunnel the (source) port 15000 to the IP of my home connection, where the destination is dynamic. - Configure my home router to forward the 22 connection towards my raspberry pi - Start putty and log into my raspberry pi ssh server - In my computer configure BTSYNC to use a socks (4 or 5) proxy pointing to localhost:15000 And that should work or I am wrong? It doesn't as BT doesn't find any peer. And if I configure Firefox to use this proxy server, I do have internet and my IP looks like my home IP, so I'd say putty is working as it is expected. Then, what is the problem? Thanks,
  6. I upgraded to 1.4. I have a client on Windows 8.1 64-bit behind a proxy. I have one folder that finds peers and syncs properly. No other folders I have added will find peers. The secrets are correct. The Preferences settings are apparently the same. All of the other folders say "no peers".
  7. Hello, could somebody help me with the following issue: I have 3 Windows-based machines with the BT Sync 1.3.104 installed. A and В - offices in different countries C - hosted server at Serverloft. They share the same folder. What I noticed is that the transfer speed between A and B is much slower than between A and C, or B and C. So, it's 3-4 times faster to upload files from A to C (to a separate shared folder), then move them on C to another shared folder and then download them back from C to B (again with BTSync), than to transfer them from A to B directly. I guess it might be related with the type on Internet connection at offices or so. When it works between A and B the bandwidth is not fully utilized for somehow reason... Is it possible to configure BTSync so, that it doesn't try to sync A and B directly, but only via the C server? Thanks in advance, Nikolai.
  8. Hi, Btsync tracker is not working right now ? I am asking because in my logs files tracker is not responding. btsync log : [20140904 10:15:49.500] Requesting peers from tracker for share 93xxxx....[20140904 10:15:49.500] Creating TCP tracker connection to[20140904 10:15:49.500] Creating uTP tracker connection to[20140904 10:16:10.521] Closing uTP tracker connection to Error 110and logs from proxy : 1409800366.064 0 10.99.x.x TCP_DENIED/407 3886 CONNECT - HIER_NONE/- text/html1409800426.339 60273 10.99.x.x TCP_MISS/503 0 CONNECT kbrpva HIER_NONE/- -
  9. Is it possible to add an option to let all traffic be routed through a proxy server (Socks5 for instance). This way is it possible to route and mask all traffic through a tunnel when the network is bit-torrent unfriendly. (Hence, at work) I myself would like to use a SSH tunnel for this, but it can be anything. ( Using tsocks does not route the bit-torrent traffic though the tunnel weirdly enough )
  10. I though this new version could run trough proxy but I still cannot syn via proxy.