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Found 5 results

  1. I've downloaded the latest app from the link on this site. When linking to a folder I scan a QR code, at the point where it appears to recognise the QR code the app crashes and takes me back to the app screen. However, if I create a new share using the Windows 1.3.67 client on my PC, that code will work. It only appears to be older shares I created some time ago (around version 1.28). The work around I have for this is to delete and recreate any share I want to use with my windows phone. Sync version: Phone is a Nokia 928 running Nokia Black
  2. I've synced a folder from a PC to Android. Now I want to sync that same folder from Android to another device. How do I retrieve the shared secret? Currently, you need to browse to a hidden config file, and that's not very user-friendly. See: Also, could the shared secret transfer via QR code? As in, Android displays a QR code which is then scanned by a computer?
  3. I was trying to generate QR code of BTSync folder with online QR generator. Copied secret key, pasted it in any QR Generator tool, but this QR code does not work on mobile devices - the code is not recognized. Initial idea was to build web app to create folders on server, and generate QRs for such.
  4. Currently the android version of btsync has facility to share a single file by just selecting the file and scanning the qr code generated. The issue with this facility is that the files can only be shared with people who are in close proximity, basically people who are in range of bluetooth or NFC. btsync can do much better if the text hash is copied to the clipboard so that the hash can be sent over SMS / chat / email and thus enable sharing files with someone who is geographically at a distant location and not within field of view or with devices that do not have a camera.
  5. The BitTorrent Sync QR Code scanning on my Galaxy Note 2 worked fine but ever since I switched my phone to Galaxy Note 3, it doesn't work. I had to copy and paste the secret code between devices using Evernote. Please fix this!