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Found 4 results

  1. I need to share a key with other resilios... I can create a link. I can create a key I can NOT create a qrcode !! Think: there is no fastest way to share a link with someone and you can read a qrcode but noone can generate it... seems foolish...
  2. For some reason BTSync on Android version won't scan the QR code from my computer screen. Other QR code readers work just fine. I tried the Barcode Scanner (de factor for Android as Google recommends it for the Authenticator) and it scanned the code in matter of seconds. But BTSync just stays there never being able to detect the code. What could be wrong?
  3. Hi Folks, does anybody here know how to generate the QR code from the secret? I made some tests with a QR code scanner and it parses the QR Codes from the client as btsync://<secret>?n=<last part of foldername> Is this really correct or is there something more I should know?
  4. I have written a QR Code generator in Ruby for those that use a configuration file on linux, but still want to be able to add Android devices easily. btsync-qrcode ============= BitTorrent Sync QR Code generator I like the idea of being able to sync directories on my android phone and tablet with my other systems. However, there is no way to generate the QR Code on linux if using a config file instead of the webui interface. This script provides QR Codes as individual PNG files for each share in a BTSync configuration file. $ btsync_qrcode.rb --help Usage: btsync_qrcode.rb [options] -f, --file FILE BTSync config file ( default ~/.btsync ) -s, --size SIZE PNG image size (default 300)