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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to have a singular txt file on multiple devices, then if it gets edited on one, for the change to share to other devices. I can not figure out a way to do this. Is it possible?
  2. I recently upgraded my license from a personal licence to the sync home license. I am starting to feel like I made the wrong decision so I am hoping to get some information I might have missed. I sent an email a few weeks ago to support asking why my license didn't come with any seats that I could delegate out to family members. They replied and said that the Home license doesn't provide seats, and you are supposed to share out the license file carefully up to 5 family members. I had a follow up question. If we don't have the ability to assign seating to our licenses, how does the application tell the difference between 5 family members V.S. 5 computers I have added? Or does that not matter? Is my license just going to all of a sudden stop working because I have added 5 computers and Sync thinks I have given it out to 5 people? How does that work? I am afraid to switch to the new license because I don't want to set it up on all my computers and then not be able to hand it out to family members because all my "family members" are used up.
  3. So, a 1tb nas on sale for 60 bux, I'd love to use this for BTsync, but can anyone confirm that it will work? Thanks in advance, and if it can I hope the deal helps others