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Found 2 results

  1. Resilio Sync Home on my DS218j with an Armada38x is taking too much RAM and bringing the throughput to an halt. The same does not happen on my other DS1817+ with Avoton. I've installed the latest version, see the screenshot. Please fix this.
  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I just updated from v2.4.4 of Resilio Pro to v2.5.6 of Resilio Home Pro and what an AMAZING IMPROVEMENT!!! From the very first install of the paid version of the program on three of my computers back in February, ALL but one of them ground to a halt every time I left Resilio running and syncing in the background. Admittedly I am syncing upwards of 30 top-level folders, with some containing hundreds, if not thousands, of multiple sub-folders and being over 1GB in total size. But like I told tech support at the time, I was doing the same previously with "Cubby" and never had a single problem. So I purchased new and more RAM for each of the three machines, max'ing them out at between 16 and 32 GB each. Didn't help. Even upgraded the CPU on one machine and pushed the overclocking of the CPU even further on another machine. Still no difference. I was relegated to running Resilio and allowing the machines to sync ONLY during the overnight, as each morning when I grabbed my mouse, it was like pushing thru frozen molasses on the screen... not even during the early days of the original 8086 was it this bad. I was forced to reboot the computer and promptly shutdown Resilio; which of course didn't help during the daytime hours when I needed mission critical files to be synced as they were changed and updated. Like I said, I was ready to abandon all hope... when, like magic, I updated to v2.5.6 and ALL is finally working like it should! No more resource, CPU or RAM hog! I now leave Resilio running all day and night, 24/7, with never a slowdown in sight! What a pleasure! I'm now firmly on-board with Resilio. Thank You developers for LISTENING, finally recognizing, addressing and ultimately fixing this problem! (Resilio could probably now run even on a "Model T" Intel 8086-powered IBM Jr.!) So again, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! please don't go messing it up in future updates, And lastly, BTW, to whom can I send my bills for the unnecessary RAM & CPU upgrades? ...ha! ha! Respectfully, PJS