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Found 13 results

  1. Hello , I have a service installed in a store pi 1 B. with the OSMC operating system. I have installed it following these instructions: He used intrusions for a different user (osmc). Resilio works, but it can not be started after the restart. Status ON: systemctl --usuario estado resilio-sync ● resilio-sync.service - Servicio de sincronización de Resilio Cargado: cargado (/usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service; habilitado; proveedor preestablecido: habilitado) Activo: activo (en funcionamiento) desde mi. 2018-07-04 18:33:50 CEST; Hace 40 minutos Documentos: Proceso: 781 ExecStart = / usr / bin / rslsync --config /home/osmc/.config/resilio-sync/config.json (código = exit, status = 0 / SUCCESS) Proceso: 776 ExecStartPre = / etc / resilio-sync / (código = exit, status = 0 / SUCCESS) PID principal: 782 (rslsync) CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/resilio-sync.service └─782 / usr / bin / rslsync --config /home/osmc/.config/resilio-sync/config.json Jul 04 18:33:50 rp101 systemd [292]: Iniciando el servicio Sync de Resilio ... jul 04 18:33:50 rp101 systemd [292]: resilio-sync.service: Error al leer el PID del archivo /home/osmc/.config/resilio-sync/ argumento inválido Jul 04 18:33:50 rp101 systemd [292]: comenzó el servicio Sync de Resilio. Status OFF: $ systemctl --usuario estado resilio-sync ● resilio-sync.service - Servicio de sincronización de Resilio Cargado: cargado (/usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service; habilitado; proveedor preestablecido: habilitado) Activo: fallido (Resultado: exit-code) desde Wed 2018-07-04 19:17:36 CEST; Hace 43 años Documentos: Proceso: 353 ExecStartPre = / etc / resilio-sync / (código = exit , estado = 208 / STDIN) jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: proceso de control salido, código = estado salido = 208 jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: Error al iniciar el servicio de sincronización de Resilio. jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Unidad ingresada con estado fallido. jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Falló con el resultado 'exit-code'. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: tiempo de retención del servicio, reinicio de la programación. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: se detuvo el servicio de sincronización de Resilio. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: la solicitud de inicio se repite demasiado rápido. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: Error al iniciar el servicio Sync de Resilio. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Unidad ingresada con estado fallido. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Falló con el resultado 'exit-code'.
  2. Hello! I've been running Resilio Sync for a while and am quite happy with it. I use a raspberry pi as my "server node". Today, I encountered the issue that I was out of disk space and discovered that the .config folder is a whopping 8.9GB large. I would either need a way to identify files that can safely be deleted from that folder, or a way to move the folder to the usb drive I use to store the sync folders. Can someone help me out?
  3. Hi! I do not have alot of knowledge under Linux but here's my question. I have a raspberry PI 2 B, running raspbian. I installed BTSync from this how to: It works fine, newer version than the one I installed before (with advanced options now yeah!). My issue is that I can only control the web gui locally, I can't get on the IP address:8888/gui to do a remote control. How to? thanks
  4. I'm trying to install BTsync on on a Raspberry Pi B+ (Jessie), I followed the instructions on the blog and added the offical linux packages, it installed OK and I ran: sudo service btsync start Then checking status seemed to suggest that everything was working OK, however I can't access the gui from another machine on the network to complete setup I'm using: (I've confirmed the pi IP is correct with ifconfig). It seems I either need to complete an extra step of set up somehow?
  5. Hi, On my Raspberry Pi (model B), the version 2.3.0 of btsync cannot run, I have a "segmenation fault" message, even if I only want to show help message. I run it with OpenElec distribution : I don't have this problem with previous versions. raspberry:~ # wget Connecting to ( BitTorrent-Sync_arm. 100% |***********************************************************************************************************************************************| 5097k 0:00:00 ETA raspberry:~ # tar -xzvf BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz LICENSE.TXT README btsync raspberry:~ # ./btsync --help Segmentation fault I currently use the version 2.2.7 Thanks for your help edit : Of course, I have the same behavior with the URL used on the download page
  6. I am not be able to autostart btsync after a reboot installed with apt-get I followed the instruction on the blog, but I do not know if I missed something on user permission, I am not an linux expert. do you know if there is a guide or you can help me? thank you
  7. I'm a pro user but can't report this problem from interface. I have some weird problem: 1) UI is empty a part a black bar on Top nothing is visible 2) Process is working a lot but it seems no file is synched (or a lot of file are missing) Big problem for me , i swithched from 1.4 version to last version on Raspberry in last days and i have bought a license I have collected log but it seems i can't send the zipped version (7z) and zip file if 506 Kb..... How can i send the log? Too bad this situation for me , i have wait for a "mature" version but i get a lot of problem
  8. I have some problem to use this deb: Previously i was using the version from this thread: http://forum.bittorr...age-39?hl=linux Upon a sudo dpkg -i ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.debthere was an error dpkg: error processing ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/etc/init.d/btsync', which is also in package btsync 2.0.0-2bysynch won't start. I have tried sudo apt-get remove btsyncbtsync won't start I have tried (bad idea i lost all folder configuration....) sudo aptitude purge btsyncsudo dpkg -i ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.deb But now i have:sudo service btsync startCouldn't start BTSync (no /etc/btsync/config.json found)Then againsudo dpkg-reconfigure bittorrent-sync-pi-serverCouldn't start BTSync (no /etc/btsync/config.json found) I create the file /etc/btsync/config.json using the output ofbtsync --dump-sample-configThen sudo service btsync startStarting BTSync for pi give no error but btsync won't start at all Any help?Is there a manual to install this .deb correclty? (may be i'm doing some mistake)
  9. I use this thread but apparently is not updated to last version (actually 2.0.93): May be i should uninstall and use this old blog instruction? Any help/idea or new installer is appreciated ! Thank you
  10. Hello , I installed btsync on my raspberry pi . Everything was good . But today i noticed that its doesnt sync any more . ( See the attached ss pls ) . First folder " /media/2tb-460C8DA80C8D9419/tv " is on the same network with raspberry . 2nd and 3rd folder is at another location . Yesterday 2nd and 3rd was running great . When i check windows btsync client i dont see any connected device . Both computers are online . I double checked secrets . The most important issue is i tried to reboot and check if it will work . When i rebooted there is no folders in btsync gui . But the files sync before is still in folders . If i add manually again its start sync without problem . How can i fix that ? Edit : After a few minutes i saw the folders in gui . But still no Connected devices with 2nd and 3rd folder . Edit 2 : I've made btsync gui password protected , but after reboot it didnt ask any password ?
  11. Hi there, I'm runnting btsync on a Raspberry pi. When I run the command ls -l concerning a file created by btsync I recive the following -rw-r--r-- 1 root root this means user "root" is allowed to read/write, the group "root" can read and all other users can read the file as well. However, I want to gain write access by a different user, which is not in the group "root". The ouput of the command ls -l should then be -rw-rw--rw-- Can someone show me a way to do so?
  12. Hello, I would like to install Bt Sync on my Raspberry pi but I've issues : 1/ I don't find the the repository of the arm version. 2/ If I try to install with the tar.gz package, I can run btsync but I have a permissions access problem and I can't set the autostart service. Sorry for my english, I'm a french beginner. Thanks for your help. Best regards Christophe
  13. Hello everyone, I recently discovered Bittorrent Sync and I want to use it to Sync Large files between many Machines I have. However, I have set up my Raspberry to run Bittorrent Sync, I have port-forwarded all the necessary ports on the Router, and I have added exceptions on IPTables to allow connections on the Ports of Bittorrent Sync. My problem is that if I try to sync files between my Laptop and my Raspberry when they are on Different Networks, the two devices don't find each other. I also tried having a one-time key but that didn't work as well. Could someone help me out here? Thanks in advance!