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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there, I started using Resilio for my personal files. In order to make my files better availbale by distributing the load and making the system more fail safe, I wanted to set up "a few" (maybe just 2 or 3) raspberry pis each with a HDD at friends and family. And since I would place very personal files at peoples homes over which I don't have much control, I wondered if there is a way of installing a linux distro (or freebsd) that would encrypt files on write (even non-encrypted resilio folders). Because of course my sensitive files are in encrypted resilio folders, but other folders still contain files that COULD be sensitive in some context. And if my mom would carelessly through away a hdd, I would be ensured that nothing leaks. So my question is: Does someone have experience setting up resilio with a encrypt-on-write linux distro so that one can "deploy and forget" resilio instances?
  2. Hello , I have a service installed in a store pi 1 B. with the OSMC operating system. I have installed it following these instructions: He used intrusions for a different user (osmc). Resilio works, but it can not be started after the restart. Status ON: systemctl --usuario estado resilio-sync ● resilio-sync.service - Servicio de sincronización de Resilio Cargado: cargado (/usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service; habilitado; proveedor preestablecido: habilitado) Activo: activo (en funcionamiento) desde mi. 2018-07-04 18:33:50 CEST; Hace 40 minutos Documentos: Proceso: 781 ExecStart = / usr / bin / rslsync --config /home/osmc/.config/resilio-sync/config.json (código = exit, status = 0 / SUCCESS) Proceso: 776 ExecStartPre = / etc / resilio-sync / (código = exit, status = 0 / SUCCESS) PID principal: 782 (rslsync) CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/resilio-sync.service └─782 / usr / bin / rslsync --config /home/osmc/.config/resilio-sync/config.json Jul 04 18:33:50 rp101 systemd [292]: Iniciando el servicio Sync de Resilio ... jul 04 18:33:50 rp101 systemd [292]: resilio-sync.service: Error al leer el PID del archivo /home/osmc/.config/resilio-sync/ argumento inválido Jul 04 18:33:50 rp101 systemd [292]: comenzó el servicio Sync de Resilio. Status OFF: $ systemctl --usuario estado resilio-sync ● resilio-sync.service - Servicio de sincronización de Resilio Cargado: cargado (/usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service; habilitado; proveedor preestablecido: habilitado) Activo: fallido (Resultado: exit-code) desde Wed 2018-07-04 19:17:36 CEST; Hace 43 años Documentos: Proceso: 353 ExecStartPre = / etc / resilio-sync / (código = exit , estado = 208 / STDIN) jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: proceso de control salido, código = estado salido = 208 jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: Error al iniciar el servicio de sincronización de Resilio. jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Unidad ingresada con estado fallido. jul 04 19:17:35 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Falló con el resultado 'exit-code'. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: tiempo de retención del servicio, reinicio de la programación. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: se detuvo el servicio de sincronización de Resilio. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: la solicitud de inicio se repite demasiado rápido. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: Error al iniciar el servicio Sync de Resilio. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Unidad ingresada con estado fallido. jul 04 19:17:36 rp101 systemd [291]: resilio-sync.service: Falló con el resultado 'exit-code'.
  3. Hello! I've been running Resilio Sync for a while and am quite happy with it. I use a raspberry pi as my "server node". Today, I encountered the issue that I was out of disk space and discovered that the .config folder is a whopping 8.9GB large. I would either need a way to identify files that can safely be deleted from that folder, or a way to move the folder to the usb drive I use to store the sync folders. Can someone help me out?
  4. Hi! I do not have alot of knowledge under Linux but here's my question. I have a raspberry PI 2 B, running raspbian. I installed BTSync from this how to: It works fine, newer version than the one I installed before (with advanced options now yeah!). My issue is that I can only control the web gui locally, I can't get on the IP address:8888/gui to do a remote control. How to? thanks
  5. I'm trying to install BTsync on on a Raspberry Pi B+ (Jessie), I followed the instructions on the blog and added the offical linux packages, it installed OK and I ran: sudo service btsync start Then checking status seemed to suggest that everything was working OK, however I can't access the gui from another machine on the network to complete setup I'm using: (I've confirmed the pi IP is correct with ifconfig). It seems I either need to complete an extra step of set up somehow?
  6. Hi, On my Raspberry Pi (model B), the version 2.3.0 of btsync cannot run, I have a "segmenation fault" message, even if I only want to show help message. I run it with OpenElec distribution : I don't have this problem with previous versions. raspberry:~ # wget Connecting to ( BitTorrent-Sync_arm. 100% |***********************************************************************************************************************************************| 5097k 0:00:00 ETA raspberry:~ # tar -xzvf BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz LICENSE.TXT README btsync raspberry:~ # ./btsync --help Segmentation fault I currently use the version 2.2.7 Thanks for your help edit : Of course, I have the same behavior with the URL used on the download page
  7. I am not be able to autostart btsync after a reboot installed with apt-get I followed the instruction on the blog, but I do not know if I missed something on user permission, I am not an linux expert. do you know if there is a guide or you can help me? thank you
  8. I'm a pro user but can't report this problem from interface. I have some weird problem: 1) UI is empty a part a black bar on Top nothing is visible 2) Process is working a lot but it seems no file is synched (or a lot of file are missing) Big problem for me , i swithched from 1.4 version to last version on Raspberry in last days and i have bought a license I have collected log but it seems i can't send the zipped version (7z) and zip file if 506 Kb..... How can i send the log? Too bad this situation for me , i have wait for a "mature" version but i get a lot of problem
  9. I have some problem to use this deb: Previously i was using the version from this thread: http://forum.bittorr...age-39?hl=linux Upon a sudo dpkg -i ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.debthere was an error dpkg: error processing ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/etc/init.d/btsync', which is also in package btsync 2.0.0-2bysynch won't start. I have tried sudo apt-get remove btsyncbtsync won't start I have tried (bad idea i lost all folder configuration....) sudo aptitude purge btsyncsudo dpkg -i ./bittorrent-sync-pi-server_2.2.2_armhf.deb But now i have:sudo service btsync startCouldn't start BTSync (no /etc/btsync/config.json found)Then againsudo dpkg-reconfigure bittorrent-sync-pi-serverCouldn't start BTSync (no /etc/btsync/config.json found) I create the file /etc/btsync/config.json using the output ofbtsync --dump-sample-configThen sudo service btsync startStarting BTSync for pi give no error but btsync won't start at all Any help?Is there a manual to install this .deb correclty? (may be i'm doing some mistake)
  10. I use this thread but apparently is not updated to last version (actually 2.0.93): May be i should uninstall and use this old blog instruction? Any help/idea or new installer is appreciated ! Thank you
  11. Hello , I installed btsync on my raspberry pi . Everything was good . But today i noticed that its doesnt sync any more . ( See the attached ss pls ) . First folder " /media/2tb-460C8DA80C8D9419/tv " is on the same network with raspberry . 2nd and 3rd folder is at another location . Yesterday 2nd and 3rd was running great . When i check windows btsync client i dont see any connected device . Both computers are online . I double checked secrets . The most important issue is i tried to reboot and check if it will work . When i rebooted there is no folders in btsync gui . But the files sync before is still in folders . If i add manually again its start sync without problem . How can i fix that ? Edit : After a few minutes i saw the folders in gui . But still no Connected devices with 2nd and 3rd folder . Edit 2 : I've made btsync gui password protected , but after reboot it didnt ask any password ?
  12. Hi there, I'm runnting btsync on a Raspberry pi. When I run the command ls -l concerning a file created by btsync I recive the following -rw-r--r-- 1 root root this means user "root" is allowed to read/write, the group "root" can read and all other users can read the file as well. However, I want to gain write access by a different user, which is not in the group "root". The ouput of the command ls -l should then be -rw-rw--rw-- Can someone show me a way to do so?
  13. Hello, I would like to install Bt Sync on my Raspberry pi but I've issues : 1/ I don't find the the repository of the arm version. 2/ If I try to install with the tar.gz package, I can run btsync but I have a permissions access problem and I can't set the autostart service. Sorry for my english, I'm a french beginner. Thanks for your help. Best regards Christophe
  14. Hello everyone, I recently discovered Bittorrent Sync and I want to use it to Sync Large files between many Machines I have. However, I have set up my Raspberry to run Bittorrent Sync, I have port-forwarded all the necessary ports on the Router, and I have added exceptions on IPTables to allow connections on the Ports of Bittorrent Sync. My problem is that if I try to sync files between my Laptop and my Raspberry when they are on Different Networks, the two devices don't find each other. I also tried having a one-time key but that didn't work as well. Could someone help me out here? Thanks in advance!