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Found 6 results

  1. I am using resilio-sync on my android phone and seem unable to setup a read-only share (e.g. a share that if I delete a file on my android it is also deleted on the target machine). For example I want my Camera folder to be shared as read-only unto my raspberry; when I delete a photo on the phone I want it gone forever. There seems to only be an option for backup mode. Am I missing something? If not, why is this feature not available for the mobile (android) and can we expect it anytime soon? P.S. I am aware of this (
  2. Hello, first of all to thank you for very nice software which really just sits and feels very solid and reliable.. but there are couple of difficulties that doesn't let my heart let it in yet. I have setup the Resilio Sync system like this: I have 2 PCs and one Android phone connected to Raspberry Pi 2, and all of them having Resilio software. PCs get to sync everything and all deleted and changed files gets archived and then replaced by the new version. The problem now is that the same doesn't happen for Android. Android syncs all the files to the Resilio on Raspberry and one of the PCs,
  3. Hi, I have about 7TB of data that I need to backup onsite. My current plan involves using rsync to mirror the data from my Mac Mini server to my NAS every 3 hours. All changes and deletions are propagated. I am able to use the snapshot feature on new Synology NAS to provide backup history. This setup is very efficient from a data use perspective as only file changes take up space on the backup. However rsync is not playing nicely and I'm considering moving to Resilio for the data replication. My questions are: Has anyone used Resilio to replicate 7TB of data
  4. Server A has main repository. Server B has read only copy of Server A's repository. (Both are v2 but using v1.4 classic for read-only option) Other users in Server B's location mess with files in Server B's read only repository, including duplicating files, deleting files, renaming files, and adding more files into the folder. At what point does btsync undo their changes and take a current snapshot of Server A's repository and force Server B to match it again? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I have a setup as follows: (1) Linux x64 version 2.0.128 (36), I make a folder and share it as Read only (2) Synology NAS version 2.0.128 (36), I add the foldder using "Manual Connection" I get files into the FROM(1) folder and they sync lovely to the TO(2) folder. This works like a charm and all is good. Problem: I delete the file in the TO(2) folder and expect the file to stay in the FROM(1) folder but it is deleted. What am I doing wrong? I see looking at the "Peer list..." that Permissions says "Owner" and not "Read only". How can I make sure that the source stays untouched
  6. Hi, I have setup my Thunderbird storage folder to be synchronized with the one in my LapTop, so that I can Thunderbird on both machines without worrying about accessing emails on different machines. But the BitTorrentSynch folder keeps resetting read only flag. The synch is read and write. I have removed it twice and once it is finished. It is reset back straight away. As I am not doing it, it must be BitTorrent Synch. Is this limitation for the free version only. It didn't used to be like that in the Blue Beta version that I used for ages. Is there anyway of going back to that because I