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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I'm a huge fan of RS and have been using the PRO version for a while now. Thanks for a great product. After doing a factory reset on my phone I'm setting up my RS folders again but I've read the help and forums but can't find an answer to the following situation I'm in. Situation: I have a Sync folder containing the iTunes music on my Macbook and I had used a selective-sync read-only key folder on my Android to pull many GB of files that I wanted on my external SD card. I was hoping that when I setup the selective-sync folder again on my Android that RS would recognize the many GB of files that were already on the extSD card but it doesn't notice that they are there. Normally when I use an existing folder Sync recognizes that the folder isn't empty but it didn't ask me about that this time when I configured the folder. I assume this is because it's setup from a 'read-only key.' I'm hoping that there's some way to force it to do a rescan of the folder (rescan what is synced to the Android extSD card, not a rescan of the source) to update the 'synced' file counts and GB count. Any ideas?
  2. Is there any way restrict a device's permissions to "Read Only"? I have multiple devices connected to the same Pro license account, most of which are set to "Selective Sync". From what I've seen online, you can set another user to read-only when sharing a folder, but I haven't found a way to do this for your own devices. I recently ran into an incident where a placeholder file was accidentally deleted from one of my devices, and so the actual file was deleted across all devices. Luckily nothing of value was lost, but I would like to avoid accidents like this in the future.
  3. I followed the instructions here: to get my backup folder to receive and store updated or new files from my source folder on my home computer when I create them. I assume that the crossed-out pencil indicates the folder is read-only? However the log is showing that my home computer is saying 'Greg's iMac' (the source) added file xxxxx. Does this mean it is adding files from my backup drive to Greg's iMac or the other way round? There's also a load of 'failed to download' errors (No such file or directory) and I can't figure out what it's trying to download from where. Is 3.0 kBs a normal 'down' speed?
  4. I have been using BTSync for a while and still have some old folders from the v1.2/v1.4 beta time (or whatever the version was in the beginning) in case this could be relevant or help troubleshooting my issue. I never noticed any problems with my folders, but since I recently linked my devices and connected a couple of folders (now using v2.3), some inconsistencies became apparent. A couple of folders (most likely the oldest ones) only seem to only have a single "READ-ONLY" key when looking into the "Preferences > View Key" section of BTSync. However, when hovering over them with the mouse, they are shown as "Read & Write Standard Folder". The symbol also looks plain normal without the read-only indicator inside the app as well as inside Finder (I am using OS X). So far so good. Today, I linked another device with my main computer and noticed that on this machine the connected folder is shown as read-only in the Finder view. However, it still listed as a Read & Write folder inside BTSync (with the default folder icon). It obviously it also only has a "Read-only" key, same as on my main computer. When I add files on this machine, it appears they do not get synced. As I never added this as a read-only folder or want this to be the case - how can I change it? All I found is this outdated article: but it seems you can no longer find an "Update Key" button in the folder preferences So would I have to remove this folder and re-add it (loosing connections to other machines in the process) ? Or is there another way to "upgrade" this folder to behave just like the other ones?
  5. Hi, I use BitTorrent Sync to sync data between two OS X devices. On both devices I have read-only files (from initial data copy before started with sync). When i delete a read-only file after a few seconds the file is recreated. Probably because the read-only file on the other device cannot be deleted by sync. How can I handle read-only files BitTorrent Sync?
  6. Server A has main repository. Server B has read only copy of Server A's repository. (Both are v2 but using v1.4 classic for read-only option) Other users in Server B's location mess with files in Server B's read only repository, including duplicating files, deleting files, renaming files, and adding more files into the folder. At what point does btsync undo their changes and take a current snapshot of Server A's repository and force Server B to match it again? Thanks!
  7. Hi there We are using BitTorrentSync (paid version) at our company to share synchronisation files with our clients. The client machines have only the free version of BitTorrentSync, as they don't need more than the maximum of 10 folders. My question: is it possible to hide the peer list on a client which shares a read-only folder with the server? Our setup is such that each client has their own shared folder, but then we also have a global folder which is shared with all clients. We obviously don't want clients to be able to see information of other clients' computers in the peer list. How do I hide this? thanks in advance! Petra
  8. Hello, It seems that Bittorrent Sync always tries to open files on file system with read-write access, or at least checks if read-write access is possible. If there are files which Sync process doesn't have a permissions to write to, then these files are not transferred to other devices. I can understand that write permission is needed to update a file from other peers if it is changed on that peers, but what if all other shares used only read-only key, would it still be needed? Would it be possible to add such a feature to create a share with possibility to expose only a read-only key, thus allowing Sync to access files from file system in read-only mode? The use case for me is the following. I'm trying sync backups created by 'Bacula' software. On my computer Bacula creates backup files with 'bacula:tape' ownership and 0640 permissions (so group has only read permission). There is no built-in possibility to configure umask for bacula backups. For Sync I use separate user 'btsync' and group 'btsync'. If there were the feature I described above, I would add 'btsync' user to 'tape' group. I believe Sync could work with read-only access to files. I'm using 1.4.93 beta on Ubuntu Server 14.04.
  9. I have performed the following test: Installed btsync on my desktop and NAS On my PC created folder TestFolder with files and Added this folder to btsync through http://localhost:8888 Copied read-only secret Entered http://nas-ip:8888 in order to add my PC folder to sync (with the read-only secret) Content was synced between my NAS and PC Added, removed and modified files on my PC - changes were applied to NAS (as expected) Removed file (e.g. from NAS - nothing happened to my PC folder (as expected) I expected the file ( to be sent back to NAS once next sync event was triggered (i.e. within 10 minutes) but nothing happen (not expected) The questions is: how do I resync files that were mistakenly deleted from NAS? In a way it's a nice feature not to download such files (well, since they were removed, then most likely I don't want them to sync), but I'd appreciate a simple way to force a full sync. Did anyone else experience similar issue? Is there any workaround?
  10. Hello, after considerable testing (cross platform between Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions) I think I have found a quite annoying bug. Situation: 3 machines sharing files with a Read Only key, source is a Mac OSX machine. Symptom: An updated file refuses to sync, stays in the list. File size has changed, file date has changed, still no sync. Changing to a Full Access key on the same directory, without starting all over again, solves the problem - the updated file in the source is being synced to the target(s). So, it seems that 'Read Only' applies to both sides for updated files. First-time/new files sync OK. We have tested this from MacOSX to Windows/Linux AND the same bug appears when syncing from Windows to MacOSX (Linux not tested). FWIW: all versions are 1.3.106 This is consistent behavior, so it seems to be a real bug. We'd like to hear from you all! Grtz, R&B
  11. Hi all Since a while i struggle with incomplete transfers in read-only folders. I searched a lot on the forums, found similar things but no answer (which worked). Could you please help me with that? Setup: "Origin": OSX, BTSync 1.2.82 "Backup": Debian ARM, BTsync 1.2.82, API enabled. Initial Sync in LAN, now connection over WAN Files: 107GB in 40k Files (mostly pictures) Problem: One file never got synced, the Client on the Mac always had this "arrow UP" and 3.4MB. New files were synced successfully. File was not locked nor write-protected. Debug log on Backup showed: [20140303 09:03:10.205] SyncFilesController: Update for invalidated file "1402_Blah/xxx.JPG" (R/O). SkippingNow i thought let's recreate all indexes. I deleted .sync and all .Sync* files in my share. It took a night to index / sync, now i've got 400MB out of sync. I love btsync, i'd like to kick out Dropbox, but with this feature not working properly, i can't really rely on it. Thanks for reading and your help!!
  12. I have a question regarding use of the read-only sharing within Btsync: If I have a machine set as the "master", and sync to several other machines using the read-only key, will these machines transfer across to the other machines to keep the data in sync IF the Master machine goes offline? Meaning, do the machines setup using a read-only key still work in the P2P scope of things, sending files across to all other machines that are connected under the same key, or is the Master unit the only one that handles the transfers then? Just curious Thank you.
  13. My friend and I installed BTSync and wanted to test the sync speed. I made a new folder and put a single 350MB file inside and sent my friend a read-only, one time secret. When connected, we got the "two-arrows" icon, so we were direct connected. The transfer would peak at about 40kB/s and never sustained itself at that level. Here's what my network utilization looked like during the sync: Here's my speed test and here's his speed test. We both regularly achieve stable 1+MB/s connections with regular BT. We both stopped any other programs that would drag on our network connections. We're both running Windows 7. Does anyone have ideas on what might be wrong?
  14. Hello! first things first: Thank you very much for BTsync! I really love it and use it privately more and more! Now my "problem" (I searched for "renew" and "revoke" in this forum already): I have a bunch of people with read-only access to files. One of them must be removed for reasons. I re-generated a new Full access secret and distributed new r/o keys to all the others. But it seems to me the person I want to be excluded is still getting traffic?! Any hints to this BTsync behavior? Any help is appreciated! Warm regards from Germany Happy X-Mas! brubaker
  15. I am Read-Only Syncing with a computer that already had some of the files to begin with. The Computer that has the Read-Only key says it is synced but mine says there is still an amount that needs to be uploaded. Just seeing if there is some sort of fix for this out there?
  16. Hey Guys, I have BitTorrent sync setup on two machines, one windows, one linux. Both are running version 1.1.15. The issue I am having is actually quite simple. I am trying to setup the Windows machine as the master and have the Linux machine be a read-only mirror of that machine. When using a full-access secret between the two devices, everything works fine, however when I use the read-only secret on the Linux machine. It fails to see the other share. Any thoughts? P.S. I have searched the forums here for an answer and found none. Thanks for the help. zdevex
  17. Hello everybody, I am trying to share my music folder with my brother. I copied the whole directory to his computer (using an external hard drive) and gave him the associated read-only secret. After adding the read-only secret on his computer, BitTorrent Sync started transferring the whole folder contents from my computer to his. The software did not realize that the files on his computer are already there and up-to-date. We're both using Sync v1.0.116. Any help would be appreciated. It would take forever to sync all those files over the internet. Thanks, Steven