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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Since I switched to version 2.0, I use the feature "My devices" in order to sync easily my folders. But with this feature I can't configure the access mode (readonly or read&write) so since this version I cannot use it to backup folder because if I modify or delete a file on my backup server, it will do the change on the other device. Did you plan to add more sharing options on "my devices" ? Or maybe define a device as a "backup device" so a change on this device will not propagate it on others. It would be great. I suppose that if I want to use this kind of backup feature at this
  2. Hi. I have a server that I created a READONLY folder on. Then on another server or computer I am syncing using that READONLY key. It seems that if I edit data on the other computer, those files no longer get updated from the master. It seems like this is a missing option in the READONLY mode; whether it should always force (like a mirror) on the target instances, or if it is to allow the target instances to not get their data wiped away... ? The purpose is.. I have a production database that I create a snapshot of.. I actually do it nightly by starting and stopping the btsync servi
  3. Hi boys and girls, I bet this question must have been asked a gazillion times, but still i can't find a clear answer: Client (A ) runs sync with a readonly key and completely syncs with Read/Write client (B ), comes along R/W client (C ) when client (B ) is offline. Will client (A ) upload this new data to client (C ) although he's supposed to only have a read-key? Thank you!!! Max - Happy syncer
  4. i have a lot of files that are already at the BackupLocation and i want to add it as ReadOnly. But unfortunately it will not recognize them and resync all of them as i have just tested (both with v1.4.7.2) My Steps: created 2 Folders on each PC with identical files PC\1TEST-RO PC\1TEST-RW PC\2TEST-RO PC\2TEST-RW added both on PC1, closed BTSync on PC1 started BTSync on PC2 and added the ReadOnly Key for TEST-RO and ReadWrite Key for TEST-RW TEST-RW gets indexed but TEST-RO does not seconds after i start BTSync on PC1 TEST-RW is done, but TEST-RO is doing a full-pull from PC1 to PC2 wou
  5. Hi there I'm trying to move from using SugarSync to using BitTorrent sync. I'm running the client on my local machine, and using the guide here. It was all very easily to set up, I'm very impressed I've got a question about how read-only syncing works though. I've tried syncing a folder from my PC to my laptop. I then added this folder to the server - only as a read-only folder, as I saw no need to let my backup server change my files. Then I tried syncing with the server, with my PC turned off and my laptop turned on, and vice versa - i.e. so that only the server and one client wa
  6. I don't understand parts of the readonly secret functionality. I did understand that files/folders that become deleted/changed on the receiver-side do not lead to changes on the sender-side. But what happens if the sender adds more data to this folder? Will the receiver of a readonly secret get them? Thanks a lot in advance. Jury
  7. Hi, I am trying to find out if BTSync is the right product for my needs: I have played around with the ReadOnly thing, but not really managed to get it to do what I need: If the centralized server I want to push data to, has a folder set as ReadOnly, the files at the local computer's folder won't get transfered. If the LocalComputer's folder is set as ReadOnly, any files pushed to the centralized server, will be deleted if removed at the local computer... My needs are to somehow transfer local files, to a centralized server, using one-way backup of the files. My wish is that the files ar
  8. Hello everyone, I really like the BT Sync application and have very ambitious future plans for the software. Right now I am using it as an integral part of our backup solution. Our office consists of several workstations and Linux servers. No issue on the Linux side of things, but there may be some setup or misunderstanding on the Windows side. I have BT Sync installed on our Windows Server to sync (one-way, read only) the Users folder of all workstations. This is setup and all of the files have synced perfectly, everything was great. Until I did some tests. I logged into one of the accou