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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there I'm trying to move from using SugarSync to using BitTorrent sync. I'm running the client on my local machine, and using the guide here. It was all very easily to set up, I'm very impressed I've got a question about how read-only syncing works though. I've tried syncing a folder from my PC to my laptop. I then added this folder to the server - only as a read-only folder, as I saw no need to let my backup server change my files. Then I tried syncing with the server, with my PC turned off and my laptop turned on, and vice versa - i.e. so that only the server and one client wa
  2. I don't understand parts of the readonly secret functionality. I did understand that files/folders that become deleted/changed on the receiver-side do not lead to changes on the sender-side. But what happens if the sender adds more data to this folder? Will the receiver of a readonly secret get them? Thanks a lot in advance. Jury
  3. Hi, I am trying to find out if BTSync is the right product for my needs: I have played around with the ReadOnly thing, but not really managed to get it to do what I need: If the centralized server I want to push data to, has a folder set as ReadOnly, the files at the local computer's folder won't get transfered. If the LocalComputer's folder is set as ReadOnly, any files pushed to the centralized server, will be deleted if removed at the local computer... My needs are to somehow transfer local files, to a centralized server, using one-way backup of the files. My wish is that the files ar
  4. Hello everyone, I really like the BT Sync application and have very ambitious future plans for the software. Right now I am using it as an integral part of our backup solution. Our office consists of several workstations and Linux servers. No issue on the Linux side of things, but there may be some setup or misunderstanding on the Windows side. I have BT Sync installed on our Windows Server to sync (one-way, read only) the Users folder of all workstations. This is setup and all of the files have synced perfectly, everything was great. Until I did some tests. I logged into one of the accou