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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to Resilio, but I have managed to setup sync between my desktop and my Readynas RN102. Though I find that my sync speed isn't as fast as i should. They are connected via gigabit ethernet through a gigabit switch. When testing with NAStester i get transfer speeds of 60-70 MB/s but running Resilio Sync only get 7-8 MB/s in average, with peaks of 15 MB/s. I have tried the recommended settings for improving transfer speed, and all but one step in the guide setting up forced LAN sync - i cannot access the config folder as specified here: Therefore i am not able to copy the sync.conf file to the correct directory of my NAS. I have tried to access via pathfinder and frontview. I can see the folder in pathfinder but not via frontview. Any help would be appreciated. Moba
  2. Hello, I got a problem with my readynas 102. before I had a working 1.4 on the NAS system with 2 computers syncing. last week i updated to the new 2.3 version (clients) syncink with PCs and android phones works perfectly. the netgear readynas 102 got updates on firmware 6.4.2 and btsync 2.3.2 the nas cant get any peer list, even if i am connected to the internet and access the nas via remote control port forwarding also works on 7099 and the seconds transfer port (20112). i tried to change some directory rights at data/btsync, i also created data/btsync2016. but no luck with connection. tried synology on other network (works!)# any ideas? ps: i also tried v2.00, v1.4, v2.0.5, v2.2.5 .... no way if I uninstall the app, restart my device and the rename the share, I wasnt able to create the share manually again... maybe btsync forces data/btsync ???
  3. My ReadyNAS is a key device in my whole BT Sync chain. Unfortunately, all attempts to upgrade (even from 1.x -> 1.x releases) have failed for me. "Failed to initialize" is the error I get. Is there any easy way to install 2.0 on my ReadyNAS? If so, what's the step-by-step process? I'm running an RN314 (x86, ReadyNAS OS 6).
  4. BTSync 2.0 has been out as a stable release for the better part of a month. So why is the ReadyNAS platform, which is ostensibly supported, still "coming soon"? As I've mentioned in another thread, I have a really hard time coughing up money for the pro version when every update of BTS for ReadyNAS so far has been supplied by a hobbyist from that platform's forums. We saw more timely official updates from the free 1.x line.
  5. Hi, Can BitTorrent Sync be used to sync folders between two ReadyNAS devices over the internet? There seems to be lots of backup and replicate options but limited sync options. If so, which version of BitTorrent Sync do I need for 4 devices (2 x NAS, a desktop and a portable PC). Thanks is advance Seayeti
  6. Hello All I copied all the Files of one file server to a brand New ReadyNAS 104 (about 3 Terabytes of files). After that I tried several times to let it finish sync (it only compares the Files, as I see it, there are no data copied). It always starts very fast, but after a while it takes forever to sync as more and more files are inside the dataset.. any thoughts on that? The idea is that the ReadyNAS creates a exact Copy of my Business Files at home, so I have an automated Offside Backup. The ReadyNAS has only 512 MB RAM. I suspect, that it cannot cope with a Database for 120'000 Files in 3 Terabyte of date.. could that be the reason? Any other ideas? regards, Urs
  7. I am running the BitTorrent Sync app (version 1.2.92; ARM) on my ReadyNAS (version 6.1.7) and the download speed is prohibitively slow. I've left it running overnight and It's been averaging about 50kB/s. It's currently connected to 3 computers on the local network (gigabit connection), all of which have full copies of the sync folder. Those computers are running Windows and OSX. I've noticed that CPU usage is quite high while syncing, with the load average hovering around 3.9 (nothing else is using any noticeable amount of CPU). I disabled the antivirus scanning on the box, which helped a little bit due to less CPU overhead, but not much. I've tried upgrading to the latest btsync version, 1.3.87, but this did not solve the problem. It actually seemed to cause more issues as the web interface would go unresponsive for long periods of time. Using Transmission to download a torrent over the internet, I reached speeds up to 3MB/s without a problem. Anyone have any ideas? Here are the logs.
  8. Hi all, I am having trouble with the BTSync app on Readynas OS6. I have a ReadyNAS 10200, with version 6.1.1 of the firmware. I downloaded BTSync from the App Marketplace, it is version 1.1.48 When I click the "Launch" button, a new tab/window opens (I have tried this in Chrome and Safari). The first time I do this in any given browser, I am asked for the login credentials. Once entered, the browser tries to open NASIP:7099/gui/ but on Safari I just get a blank page, and on Chrome I get a "Oops, this link appears to be broken" message. I was also getting errors on the NAS at the beginning, saying that it "failed to created Share btsync". I tried manually creating a share by that name, but the NAS won't actually let me, I get the same error message. I called Netgear and they told me it was an issue with the App. I searched the forums but couldn't find anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am only a moderate level user and haven't used SSH or anything like that. Hoping this is a known issue with an easyish fix. Thanks for any help