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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Best of the Holiday Season & New Year to All Overview: I purchased some bitcoin in 2014 in two separate transactions as a long term investment and pretty sure I was using Bitcoin-Qt. At the time I thought I had done my research and taken the necessary steps to secure my bitcoin. I received the Bitcoin and had printed out all the paper wallets needed to store my coins and backed up the wallets & dat file to a thumb drive. The wallets had only ever been used once for the original purchase transaction. Blockchain information and BTC Qt core were updated frequently. Then came the Hard Fork and what do I now use to Sync the blockchain, Resilio or other? Went w/Resilio seemed to have issues but worked it. Shortly thereafter Father starts battle with Cancer........... Fast forward to Nov 2017 I've tried to gather all the information needed to get back on track, but the more I dig find myself Horribly Confused & Stuck Now suffering from Analysis paralysis and don't know what to do Next.... Here's the breakdown: System: Asus 750 G / Windows 10 I find I now have both Resilio and Bitecoin Core (GUI Node) on my laptop. Resilio Sync 2.5.9 that shows 0.0 kB/s up & down & when opening has a can't sync note. The BTC Core blockchain will sync and is up to date I have a wallet.dat file with 2015 dates listed for some of the files in the folder. I believe it is a BTC-QT Core folder, from prior to the Resilio switch. I have the public sent to addresses for both transactions Have contact information for the person that I made the original Bitcoin purchases from. I'm sure I have both the pass phases. I currently have 1 of 2 paper wallet QR codes with Private address. Doesn't look like the fancy colorful wallets seen on YouTube. Just 1 QR code printed on plain paper. I (the mindless corps) have Hidden & can't find Or Misplaced Or Lost to following: - USB Thumb drive with back up files. - (1) paper wallet with QR code. - (1) Private Address. - (1) Father - All fiat savings (medical expenses) In conclusion: As hard as I tried to do the right thing, I realize that it's all on me and that I made the mistakes in securing my bitcoin investment. Now if at all possible, I need a little help in trying to get this big mess sorted out. I hope someone is able and willing to reach out with the technical support needed to help me clean this up. Please note the cost of my original Bitcoin investment was not large, but 2 to 4 coins today would be a savior and most needed given my recent financial hardships. Side Note: Seeing information on the net about people that were holding bitcoin prior to the Fork, now also have some altcoins they received as a result of the split...... Is this correct? Would this also apply to my situation? Every little bit will help Thanks to all for taking the time to read and consider my request for assistance. Cheers, Van-T P.S. Not a technophobe or newbie on PC