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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am completely at a loss. This is my first time using a sort of sync software between two devices. The sync took ages, but now that the sync is done, but devices are missing many documents. I can see these in the sync's history as removed, but there is not a "added" version anywhere. Is there some form of temporary archive folder to recover these missing files as there are many! Both devices are mac computers. Please please help! Thanks Denise
  2. I have recently reinstalled my OS (upgraded to Windows 10). I have thus lost my previous BitTorrent Sync configuration on the PC, but I still have it on my Android phone. Is there a way to reenter my account on the computer? EDIT: For some reason, the link device button is greyed out on PC.
  3. After discovering yet again that one of my machines has removed massive chunks of files for no obvious reasons (thank you .SyncArchive for covering me!) I was wondering if it is possible to increase the transfer history log? Better yet would be an ongoing transfer history log per sync folder so as to track down wtf is going on when strange things happen.
  4. Hello Sync-ers, In my computer setup, I have integrated a disaster recovery system by cloning (or "ghosting") entire physical drives in the case of hardware failure. I have BTsync running between my desktop and laptop, cloning one of the physical drives in question. My query is in regard to BTsync's behavior when swapping out a drive or "rolling back" the data on a partition on one machine. What happens to the data on the other after re-syncronization? For example: Let's say I have My Data Drive on My Desktop PC which contains Folder A. I clone Data Drive to My Laptop PC. It now contains Folder A as well. I set up a synced folder betweent he two machines via BTsync: as I work on Data Drive on My Desktop, it syncs Folder A to the Laptop and vice-versa. During the next months, I create Folder B on My Desktop PC. Of course, it gets synced to the Laptop. Both PCs now contain Fodler A and Folder B. That night (horror!) the Data Drive on my Desktop fails. I need ZERO DOWNTIME so I swap out the physical drive on My Desktop PC for my clone drive I made months ago. This drive does not contain Folder B. The computer boots, and I am ready to go: BTsync starts up - what happens? a) does Folder B get deleted from Laptop or Does Folder B get copied from Laptop to Desktop PC Any clarification as to this process will help my sleep patterns greatly. Thanks, MR
  5. Hi, I am wondering about a use case, where I share a folder(on my machine A) using encryption to another machine B. Next step is that my machine(A) is dead/lost/stolen/exploded or simply re-installed. Now I have a new machine(A2) is there any way I can set a folder to be the once synced (A) folder, so that I have all the data from B only un-encrypted and ready for future syncing as if this is still A? I guess same goes to normal readonly sharing, but with encryption getting the data back in the original state is a bigger issue... Thnx!