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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Gang, Is there a way to make the BTSync mobile app use only the LAN, similar to the desktop app by right-clicking the sync folder and clicking Preferences and finally disabling the following options? + Use relay server when required + Use tracker server + Search LAN Also, having access to "Use Predefined Hosts" would be necessary. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm syncing two folders between a Mac mini and an iMac, both running OS X Mavericks. The same two folders are also syncing to a VPS. Recently I noticed a cloud icon next to the iMac syncs in the devices list, indicating that a relay server was being used for those syncs. At the time both machines were running 1.3.94. Restarting BTSync fixes the problem, but eventually it reappears. On a hunch, last week I disabled the use of relay server for one of the two folders. Both machines are now running 1.3.106, and just today I noticed the cloud icon next to the iMac for the folder that's allowed to use a relay server. The other folder has no cloud icon. I have a feeling this may be related to one or other machine going to sleep. I would like to be able to allow all devices to use a relay server when necessary, but for now I feel compelled to turn off that option to prevent unnecessary use of a relay server.
  3. Hello On my Linux VPS server, I installed btsync x64 1.2.71. In the sync.log, I find loads and loads of these messages: […] [20131112 09:50:33.333] Blocked downloading file cache/ due Connection closed[…] "Blocked downloading file <file> due Connection closed" Why's that? Is that also the reason, why that server shows up with the relay server/cloud icon ? What can I do about that? Thanks,Alexander
  4. My setup is for folders only synced by predefined hosts. Every time I choose a new folder, it has relay servers, tracker servers, and LAN searching on. Instead, I want any folder I create to have my predefined hosts and all these options turned off. Hell, at this point I'd be happy to create a folder that had NONE of these settings activated. Is there something I can adjust to alter what are considered the "default" properties for added sync folders? Thanks for the help.