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Found 8 results

  1. Two UNRAID servers on the same network (LAN). 192.168.1.*** Sync running as docker containers each on its own machine. I can get them to connect via a Relay server but the speeds are abysmal. I have 2 GBit here and need to mirror one server to the other. No matter what port I open or forward I cannot get these two to "see" each other. Both servers are working and have access to the network no problem. But, Sync without using a relay will not work. I really do not want to use a relay as it will take years to copy 25+ Terabytes. Does anyone have a working pfsense/unraid config that they can share? Or help? I looked at the and nothing there is helping.
  2. Getting the message "Failed to connect to relay server", what do I do/check. Searching this in the help file does not return any information.
  3. Greetings! I'm new to ResilioSync, and I have a few questions. I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64, using Resilio 2.4.2. Is there still a way to determine if a connection is being made via Direct as opposed to via Internet/Relay? I gather that in the past there were icons that indicated this, but I'm not clear on where I would be seeing those if they are in fact present. In my Peers list I don't see any icons currently. My Peers are reachable via a VPN connection, and so in theory should get treated as Local (which is what I want). However, sometimes the VPN goes down. During that time I assume that Resilio will switch to connecting via the Internet/Relay (as I've currently allowed for that in my settings). What I'm wondering is, will Resilio periodically try again to connect via Local/Direct? My preference is that it would switch back to Local/Direct as soon as Local is available again, but I'm wondering if it is built to (or if there is a way to configure it to) automatically do that? Note that I am okay with it connecting via Internet/Relay temporarily -- I just want it to revert to Local/Direct and give preference to that when possible (ie, I don't want to it switch to Internet and then never switch back to Local/Direct). Thanks!
  4. For the past few days, my syncing has been erratic. Sometimes, the peers do not connect at all. This used to happen before I enabled relay servers for all synced folders. With relays servers enabled, the connection was very reliable. Now it is back to the previous behavior, and when a connection is made, it is never with relay servers. Is there something I need to do to get the relays working again other than enabling it in the folder preferences?
  5. I setup sync between two nodes and despite turning off relay and tracker (on both nodes) and restarting the sync service, all data is sent to according to TCPView. Very concerning. Can someone please let me know what is going on?
  6. Hello, let's say every node has a relay feature by default (some low amount of upload capacity). Assuming 90% are switching it off. Then there should be still serveral thousand nodes out there to forward data (without opening the data blocks) in an acceptable speed. So if there is no direct way between the private nodes to sync each other it might be done via some relay nodes. This can make the whole thing more robust against blocking and censoring mechanisms. Michael
  7. Hi there, before i start, a small description about my current setup: 6 PCs in Germany (windows 8, 64 Bit)All connected via VPNAll running the latest version (1.3.106)One of these PCs is calles "SRV", the other 5 (call them A,B,C,D,E) have all only the read-only secret of SRVAll have the same configuration:​​==> NaT-UPnP-Port-Mapping enabled==> Relay-Servers, Trackerservers, Localnetwork-search, DHT are all disabledNo proxies are used hereWith this configuration the clients are syncing with SRV without any problem, BUT they are not syncing with each other. They don't even see each other as devices. Only "SRV" is listed (though surely, SRV has all deviced in the list). If we now activate "allow relayserver" on all clients an restart btsync, after a few secounds, they all see each other as deviced and start to sync with each other. The Other devices listet have the relay-symbol next to them. (I just add this here: The bug of the speedlimit not applying to relayserver-connections is known and will be fixed shortly?) My question now: Why don't they see each other when relayservers are disabled? We sure have a firewall running (pfSense), but all of these clients have a rule to have completely unrestricted acces to the internet. Is this something that is meant to be this way? From the description of the relay-servers, i would assume that they are just a workaround if it doesn't work without them (due to firewall-limitations). Please help me understanding this Best wishes spYro
  8. Hello all, I'm testing out BT Sync in a corporate environment for efficiently transfer files across different DC. I found that untick "use_relay_server" and "use_tracker" doesn't work even for our VLAN setup. Is it possible to setup our own tracker and relay server? If yes, how do we do that? We choose BT Sync because we believe it's truly private, but it seems that we still need to connect with upstream tracker and relay server to get this working.