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Found 10 results

  1. It looks like a strange discrepancy to me that files that were renamed are renamed on the peer(s) as well, but not folders. Wouldn't it make sense to unify the behavior? If there is any reason why this doesn't make sense, please let me know. I'm just getting started with Sync, am not familiar with this matter yet. Thanks!
  2. Sync would be MUCH more productive if we could do simple things like rename or move a file in the IOS app. As things stand I have to save to Dropbox, rename the file, then "save to Sync", which is a bit of a pain. Same with moving files.. I have to move the file to Dropbox, delete it in Sync, then "save to Sync" at the new location.
  3. Hi, I use Resilio Sync with a "Pro Individual" license in devices running Windows and Debian. I have different folders, with different data, in different devices. But these different folders have the same name. And it's defined by a third part software. I cannot change the actual folder name. I want to sync all these folders with all my devices for backup purposes. BUT (this is different of people usually wants), the data on the folder of device 01 will not merge with the data of the device 02. In the disk of each device, the original folder will remain named "Financial data" . And I will be able to sync the data from other devices, saving in different folders, like: - "c:/backup/device01/Financial data" - "c:/backup/device02/Financial data" - "c:/backup/device03/Financial data" When I add a folder in Resilio Sync, it is named automagically just like it's name on disk. Let's say... "Financial data". I want to rename it's label inside Resilio Sync. To "Financial data - device 01", for example. So, I will repeat the procedure in the other devices: "Financial data - device 02" will contain the data of the 2nd device. How can I rename the label of a folder inside Resilio Sync?
  4. I would find it nice if it was possible to change the filename, when saving it to the bittorrent sync folder. When I choice to sync a picture to the folder, I select the folder and the filename (ex. Image0954.jpg) is shown (as non editable) - whwn I accept folder by pressing 'save'. If it was possible to change the filename from the iPhone, to something explainable it would be ealier to use the folder - and to get an overview.* *) a file creation date would also do the overview easier.
  5. I have a folder in a Mac desktop synced to a Windows Phone 10. The folder name in the Mac is “Books”, the name in WP10 at first was also “Books”. At some point I removed this folder in WP10 and started over (just to learn how it all works). Now that same folder shows up as “Books (2)” in WP10. Back and forth (both with settings and help center) I can not find how to rename this folder back to “Books”, as it is in the desktop. I would appreciate any help, thank you.
  6. I renamed a folder name, then I found all my other devices deleted the old name folder and sync the new name folder as a new folder. I am not sure whether it is a bug, but I expect it just rename all other devices' folder name, not sync all files in that folder again. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I cannot seem to identify any way to change the 'Device Name' my Windows Phone in BTSYNC. I've given my sync devices friendly names, however the Windows Phone stands out with its RM-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx name. Is there any way to change this, and is there a feature coming soon to allow for this to be changed easily? Cheers!
  8. I know it is now possible to rename a shared folder, but still I wonder why the advised workaround using disconnect/new fails. BTSync is 1.4.75 running on Synology DS413. I have a folder that is synched readonly. It has a B-key. I disconnect it. The .sync/ID file is removed from the folder. I rename the folder to a new name. I click on the 'link' symbol (you have received a link or a key). I enter the B-key. I select the (renamed) folder. I get a warning that the folder is not empty and files may be overwritten. I click [OK]. The folder is connoected to btsync but gets a new A-key. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I ran into a huge issue when I accidentally renamed a folder on my Macbook and essentially broke the link I had to my Raspberry Pi cloud. I had to do some clean up work but I had to wait for everything to resync and then relink the folder via secret code on my Pi. Is there any way to fix this? Read only option? Rename the folder from the root directory? Thanks.
  10. When I rename a folder or file to the same name (eg. to correct upper / lower case letters), then file or folder is deleted! I have only tested this on a Windows install with the latest public version. Can this be fixed soon! I did turn on debug mode and captured the sync log. I've attached it. The log file contains: -the creation of a new folder (c:\_data\qsmm\test1) -the creation of 2 files in the folder -the rename of the folder from "test1" to "TEST1" The folder and the contained files all get deleted!! Note that I am syncronizing 5 computers all running windows and the same version of bittorrent sync. Any questions or any other tests I need to do? Thanks. (Great product by the way! - the fastest and easiest sync tool I have found in a long time)