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Found 1 result

  1. Problem: Restoring an encrypted folder always shows "Request denied" - so I can't restore. Details: I just installed Resilio and am running it as a service on a Windows 10 PC. I also installed the Android Resilio client. I had an SD card plugged into my PC and I added it (from my PC) as an encrypted folder, then went to my phone and entered the proper key and it successfully synced from my PC to my phone and it's encrypted on my phone. So far so good. Now I'm testing restoring from my phone to my PC. I removed/disconnect/however-you-say-it my folder on my SD card from the Resilio web interface on my PC, then removed the SD card and set it aside. I'm simulating a drive dying. Then on my phone, I shared the encrypted backup. I e-mailed the link to myself from my phone to my PC. Then from my PC, in the Resilio web interface, I chose "Enter a link or a key" and copied and pasted the shared link that I received in e-mail from my phone. I selected a new local folder on my PC's hard drive to receive the files from my phone. It then displayed it in the web interface with "pending request". I went to my phone's resilio app and saw there was a notification. I opened it and approved the request. Seconds later, on my PC in the web interface, the status changed from "Pending approval" to "Request denied". I followed these instructions by enabling 1 of the 2 services mentioned here (the other service was already running) That did NOT fix it. I've tried multiple times and have "Unlinked this device" multiple times and generated a new share URL from the phone every time. Nothing I do works. Need help, please.