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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm a huge fan of RS and have been using the PRO version for a while now. Thanks for a great product. After doing a factory reset on my phone I'm setting up my RS folders again but I've read the help and forums but can't find an answer to the following situation I'm in. Situation: I have a Sync folder containing the iTunes music on my Macbook and I had used a selective-sync read-only key folder on my Android to pull many GB of files that I wanted on my external SD card. I was hoping that when I setup the selective-sync folder again on my Android that RS would recognize the many GB of
  2. It has happened too often that some of my subfolders get out of sync. They just aren't replicated identically on all devices. I will have folders created but nothing inside of them on some devices, while there are hundreds of files on the original device where the files were created. I don't know why this happens and it shouldn't happen. However once the problem is discovered, it should be easily to remedy. Add a Force Rescan or Validate or Resync or some type of catch-all error-checking button which will validate if a sync is proper and complete on all devices and immediately address
  3. Hello, I have a raspberry pi running sync and synchronizing folders from a home NAS (Apple Airport Extreme). It's taking a long time for sync to re-index and find file changes on the NAS as they are modified/added/deleted by other machines accessing it and as far as I know the only way sync finds these changes is on re-scanning/re-indexing the NAS. I have two point's I'd like bring here: 1) Is there a way to speed this process ? For instance prioritizing more important folders over others that I know are not often changed or are less important/critical? 2) Is there a way
  4. Hello! My issue is that once a folder is synced it does not sync again (at least not within 24 hours). I add a folder and it does not detect this folder. I think it may be the interval time of folder checking. How can I change that? I am using two SynologyDS214Play NASs and have installed BitTorrent Sync 2.0.93-1 It does not appear to be in advanced settings. Thanks for the help. Kind regards, Cliff