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Found 5 results

  1. I have Resilio 2.4.4 installed on my Readynas 314 with firmware 6.6.1. I install the app, do the first time set up then add folders to start syncing. If I reboot my Readynas 314, Resilio sync looses all settings and wants me to start over from scratch. This happens everytime I reboot without fail. I've tried uninstall / reinstall several times. This doesn't happen with any of my windows machines so I believe it's only an issue with Readynas. Anyone else having this issue or solved it? Thanks in advance.
  2. hi! It appears that windows 10 is causing the bittorent sync settings and identity to reset each day. I've disabled windows update and am hoping it stops, but it seems like it's maybe not bittorent sync's fault? But I am not having issues in any other programs though. Basically, each day after the computer has been shut off, new boot up, bittorent sync starts on startup, and it has no identity and a new one has to be created and all folders synced again. No data is being lost, it's just losing all settings daily. I THINK it's windows update that's doing it. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I am running a Bittorent sync server off of my Raspberry Pi. However, I don't know what the password is for the webui. I know for sure that it is not the default. I tried multiple times and it didn't work. How can I reset the password? Is there a way to uninstall it all and reinstall to get back to default configuration? I appreciate any help! Thanks, Stefan M.
  4. Dear forum I've a small problem in my working progress : I indexed 1 folder with BTsync, after that i;ve reinstall my PC, When I add the last folder (new), the files are not index - I didn't save the last secrect code How can I reset my folders indexing?
  5. Hello Sync-ers, In my computer setup, I have integrated a disaster recovery system by cloning (or "ghosting") entire physical drives in the case of hardware failure. I have BTsync running between my desktop and laptop, cloning one of the physical drives in question. My query is in regard to BTsync's behavior when swapping out a drive or "rolling back" the data on a partition on one machine. What happens to the data on the other after re-syncronization? For example: Let's say I have My Data Drive on My Desktop PC which contains Folder A. I clone Data Drive to My Laptop PC. It now contains Folder A as well. I set up a synced folder betweent he two machines via BTsync: as I work on Data Drive on My Desktop, it syncs Folder A to the Laptop and vice-versa. During the next months, I create Folder B on My Desktop PC. Of course, it gets synced to the Laptop. Both PCs now contain Fodler A and Folder B. That night (horror!) the Data Drive on my Desktop fails. I need ZERO DOWNTIME so I swap out the physical drive on My Desktop PC for my clone drive I made months ago. This drive does not contain Folder B. The computer boots, and I am ready to go: BTsync starts up - what happens? a) does Folder B get deleted from Laptop or Does Folder B get copied from Laptop to Desktop PC Any clarification as to this process will help my sleep patterns greatly. Thanks, MR