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Found 3 results

  1. Getting resilio-sync.service constant exited "255/EXCEPTION" and restart in syslog on linux raspberry pi. Please see this video of the syslog running on linux Resilio sync is working fine (syncs data to/from my raspberry pi to my windows using a secret key), but when looking at the syslog on my pi, it shows a huge running list of exceptions, with the service being exited then stopped/started again. Hoping someone can shed some light on why this might be happening.
  2. Hi, we have been issues with Resilio Sync Business regarding the "No permissions to access the XXX files" This show up under the Sync encounter some issues while synchronising your files dialog on the Server where the master files are stored. Yes I have read the More i The setup is as: A Mac server with an attached RAID that is shared out to our employees and Resilio is used to sync to employees that are work remotely. We have done following steps to troubleshoot this issue: Reassigned permission on a Folders and subfiles. Rescan. Moved files from its original location to another reassigned permissions and moved them back. Doing step 3 actually removed the files from the error dialog. What can we do to prevent this permission to access error? Also I have noticed a new issue with "Cannot download 112 file"!? I appreciate and help and tips!
  3. Hello, I´ve installed Resilio Sync using the below link. I did the basic configuration and I can access the 8888 webgui successfully. The local user created is rslsync (with group same name), that is different from the Web Gui user. The server I installed Resilio, is a production CPANEL server, and the idea is to have all Cpanel accounts and server configs backed up in another location (sync´d), without the need to use CPANEL backup function (that does not support syncing yet) The problem is that resilio sync can´t access each account of Cpanel (folders and subfolders), nor server configurations as it have their own user/group for each account in system. I don´t want to change each folder permissions with chmod with risk to brake CPANEL. So, based on all this. How to run Resilio (service in linux) as root, and/or have automatically access to all folders in CenOS 6 server, without compromising CPANEL system/server? Thanks in advance! Installation link: