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Found 4 results

  1. After searching through the forums, I can’t seem to find a similar situation. I have 2 servers: Server A running Linux (Ubuntu 14) with BTSync 2.0.85; Server B is a Synology NAS with BTSync 2.0.93. Both servers were in the same building when I rsynced the needed directories and setup BTSync. Through BTSync’s web admin, both servers shows that all the directories were synced. If I created a new directory on one, the new directory would show up on the other, and vice versa. BTSync is performing as expected. A few days later, Server B (Synology NAS) was physically moved to a different state, while Server A remains at the original location. Once Server B booted up, all the directories were showing as synced...except for one...the largest one with around 6TB of data, the “Archive”. Currently, Server B is sending data to Server A...approximate completion time is 2 months. The text “Indexing” is also appended in the ‘Status’ column on both Server A and Server B for “Archive”. Checking the synced files shows that they have the same attributes (file size, creation/modification date, etc.). Both servers are on the same network. So I’m at a complete loss as to why the “Archive” directory is having to resync everything. Can anyone shed some light? I’m happy to provide further details.
  2. I have had some issues with my PC, so I had to reinstall my OS. I had a syncronized folder and now I want to sync that again without overwriting all the files I already have. When I attempt to connect the folder a message appears: "The folder is not empty: sync anyway?". Does BTSync detect the files it has already downloaded and just starts syncing new stuff or does it sync all over again? I just need to know this.
  3. I previously had Windows Live Mesh syncing folders for me. That got shut down a month or so ago and I've been unable to sync the folders further. The SyncApp is the solution to that. I'm just wondering, can it detect those previously synced files and just update those that are new/different? Or can it only do that with files it has synced? I guess I'm just wondering if I need to delete all the files off one computer to avoid duplicates, etc? Then start the sync fresh? Or if it can benefit from what's already there?
  4. I have a nightly script that pulls down database backups to my local hard drive. BTSync runs on the same machine and syncs these database backups to another computer far away. I noticed that when I move the backup files to a new directory, say from the root folder to /2014/02/, all of the files re-sync to the other machine. Does BTSync not detect that the same file has moved to a different folder? Is there any way to move files/folders around from with a shared directory and NOT have them re-sync again? This normally wouldn't be an issue but they're massive files.