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Found 3 results

  1. Hi people, I am running BitTorrent Sync on my Synology NAS (212j) for quite some time now and it is working great. I do have one little issue though. I can't seem to figure out how to sync folders within a home folder of a user. Whenever I try to add the folder, the webinterface of BTSycn tells me that it doesn't have writing privileges for that folder. I have SSH access to my NAS and if I list the users there, it tells me that there is a user called btsync. I cannot see this user in the webinterface of my NAS though, which would make it easy for me to grant the required privileges. In the console environment however, I am completely lost with this task. How do I solve this problem? Any hints are appreciated! Thanks in advance Minh
  2. Hi, I'm using BittorrentSync trough my VPN to synchronize my Android Phone and my laptop and it works well. Today I started synchronization between my laptop and a dedicated server, for backup. The folders on the dedicated server are on a encrypted partition. The rights on synchronized folders are 771 but I would like them to be 700 (Or 200 if it's possible). How can I them the defaults rights for synchronized folders ? I apologize for my English, Thanks.
  3. I use two linux servers in two different networks (192.168.ABC.X and 192.168.DEF.X) who are connected to each other via VPN. On both servers are the same folders /srv/sharedfolder. The data of this folders are synced with btsync. Both servers offers an access to the stored files for Windows clients without passwords etc. with Samba. The samba configuration is: [sharedfolder] path = /srv/sharedfolder public = yes writeable = yes printable = no guest ok = yes create mask = 777 directory mask = 777 After syncing the data with btsync from one server to the other a windows client in the other network can open the synced file but not overwrite it. To do that I have to set the ownership of the files on the server in the other network from 770 to 777 manually after syncing. Is there a way to configure btsync or samba to keep the rights of the files?