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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to get a grip on the basics of Sync. Simple and straightforward as the programme may seem, I still find it hard to understand some of the elementary details (which of course may well say something about me rather than about the software :-)). My question: once folders have been exchanged between (e.g.) a NAS and a computer, synchronisation set up, is it still possible to change the RO characteristics to RW of a certain folder on one of the machines (and vice versa i.e. RW to RO)? I haven't found the option so far... I appreciate your help. Thanks! Hans
  2. BTSync 1.3.105 crashes on startup on Linux x86_64 (Debian stable server). Crash happens when BTSync detects that a file update has been detected in an encrypted RO share. Currently this happens within a second of starting btsync. Here is the terminal output using --nodaemon: SyncFilesController: started periodic scanSyncFilesController [file updated]: Processing file <PATH_TO_HASHED_FILE> 1401206360 603SyncFilesController: Detected updated file "<HASHED_FILE>" (R/O). Checking filehashassert failed ./SyncFilesControllerRO.cpp:365 (16973929)SyncFolderNotify: ".SyncID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE"[OnNotifyFileChange] <PATH_TO_SHARE>/.SyncID, source = NULLAbortedHere is the debug log output: [20140530 14:23:12.809] SyncFilesController: Detected updated file "<HASHED_FILE>" (R/O). Checking filehash[20140530 14:23:12.810] SyncFolderNotify: ".SyncID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE"[20140530 14:23:12.810] [OnNotifyFileChange] <PATH_TO_FOLDER>/.SyncID, source = NULLI have replaced sensitive information above with <EXPLANATION_TEXT>. To isolate the problem, the only other machine that has access to the secret (encrypted RW), which means it has BTSync running, is also a Linux x86_64 machine. BTSync is the same version. BTSync does not crash on this machine which has the encrypted RW version of the same secret. I have tried to delete everything in .sync folder as well as all .SyncID files. Everything is setup via config file, webgui is disabled. This setup has worked for months using previous versions of BTSync. The crash began after updating to 1.3.105, but now going back to previous version does not help. Although I have not tested by deleting all .SyncID files and .sync folder contents prior to going back to an older version.
  3. Hello. I chose to use btsync to synchronize my musics over different devices. I have two directories to share: - FLAC contains 27GB in 1200 files - MP3 contains 51 GB in 8500 files HOME nas : I have a NAS (DNS 320 with ffp installed. I have the version 1.2.92 running on it). the webui is only enabled on LAN (no routing from WAN) BACKUP server : I have a kimsufi server, running ubuntu saucy 13.10 x86_64. The btsync comes from the PPA. WORK station : I listen my music while working. My workstation is an HP Z200 with ubuntu saucy , x86_64. btsync comes from PPA What I did : - add the flac and MP3 share in the HOME daemon - store RW and RO keys - added RO keys to WORK and BACKUP . Synchronization started, very slow because home bandwidth is bad - copied on USB both directories, added them to the WORK directories. btsync ok, did send the data from WORK and HOME to BACKUP Here everything was OK. Then I added another album in FLAC on HOME nas . This album was not pushed toward WORK and BACKUP. the webui showed : HOME : FLAC : 27.7 GB to send, nothing sending (actually just one GB to send) BACJUP/WORK : FLAC : 26.6 GB to send to HOME, no upload(actually, nothing to send, just data to receive) I restarted every daemon, ensured access through sudo chmod a+rwx FLAC -R , touched the corresponding files, nothing to do. I removed the btsync folders in the FLAC, removed the btsync share and re-added it : nothing to do. I created a new folder containing the data, with RW access on HOME, RO in BACKUP : data sent with no problem. Now I am testing : removing .btsync folders from HOME, BACKUP FLAC folders, removing the FLAC from webui ; re-adding the FLAC share. on HOME I activated the debugh through echo FFFF > debug.txt I have a lot of ping . I also have NAT complaining at the beginning, but it does not prevent upload of new share so I think it is not related. WHAT should I do ? I really want to share my HOME folder to work, and save it on BACKUP. I dont want to have RW access on any of those two servers for security reasons. So btsync seems like the best solution for me. If only it was working in the intended way …