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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I´ve installed Resilio Sync using the below link. I did the basic configuration and I can access the 8888 webgui successfully. The local user created is rslsync (with group same name), that is different from the Web Gui user. The server I installed Resilio, is a production CPANEL server, and the idea is to have all Cpanel accounts and server configs backed up in another location (sync´d), without the need to use CPANEL backup function (that does not support syncing yet) The problem is that resilio sync can´t access each account of Cpanel (folders and subfolders), nor server configurations as it have their own user/group for each account in system. I don´t want to change each folder permissions with chmod with risk to brake CPANEL. So, based on all this. How to run Resilio (service in linux) as root, and/or have automatically access to all folders in CenOS 6 server, without compromising CPANEL system/server? Thanks in advance! Installation link:
  2. Hi, I am using the Official Docker container and have multiple mounted_folders setup, for the sake of debugging i will limit that to one. The container is launched via docker-compose, the volume is mounted at launch /start and i can access it with the UI and write data in there (read sync a folder), but all files have root:root ownership. Any idea how to get the ownership of the file within this folder to be the same as the parent mounted folder ? --- According to Docker discussions, the volume will have ownership of the user in the container (which seems to be root here), could this be rlsync instead ? There is a way according to the doc to have this setup with the USER directive in the dockerfile : Docker-compose.yml version: "2" services: sync: image: resilio/sync:latest ports: - "8888:8888" - "55555" volumes: - "./syncdata:/mnt/sync" - "./config:/mnt/sync/config" - "/mnt/myfolder2:/mnt/mounted_folders/myfolder2" restart: always
  3. Hi everybody, On a Qnap Nas, I just wonder how you can set up BTsync on the folder "/share" (the root one)? During the set up process, BTsync doesn't allow me to do this... See screenshot here : I think it's all about permissions right, even if I'm logged in as "admin" (=root account on Qnap Nas). For the moment BTsync just allow me to choose a subfolder but we already have folders (for example : ADMIN, ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES, WORK) inside the "/share". These folders have been previously synced with RTRR protocol (approx. 3TB of datas). Now we want to manage the syncing process with BTSync... because RTRR is way to slow... If you have any idea, it would be great! Thanks in advance. Regards. John
  4. Greetings Sync Monkeys, I absolutely LOVE BTsync - great job so far. I created this user to participate in the forum so I can tell you about a problem I have spent a full day on trying to resolve and can not: I am a media creator and have my sound libraries on a 2TB drive. I want to sync these libraries to my laptop so I can easily create music using these libraries on the road. Given the massive size and somewhat dynamic nature of these libraries (I constantly update my sounds), BTsync is PERFECT for what I need. I set up BTsync to syncronize my S: drive on my workstation to my S: drive on my laptop. I did the same with my T: drive (my second set of libraries). To my dismay, on one drive, only a few megabytes of 1.2 terabytes syncronized, and on the other drive *nothing* synchronized. I tried changing permissions, drive ownership, share settings, tried leaving it overnight to sync - all to my dismay. The indexing on the host machine was not at all matching up with what it should have been. Then I discovered how to turn on the debug logging. here is what I found in the error log: New torrent created for file System Volume Information\tracking.log mt:1388884139 DA49A9B09544F1E47F42C5B97919A7EF45CA6550 [2014-01-12 19:49:30.112] SyncFolderScanner: Got error 5 while obtaining file info for \\?\Q:\System Volume Information\ Something was up with the System Volume Information folder (a system folder present on the root of Windows drives). I did some more hunting, and someone had come up with a solution, granting Admin rights to the folder: I tried this solution, but got another error: New torrent created for file System Volume Information\tracking.log mt:1388884139 DA49A9B09544F1E47F42C5B97919A7EF45CA6550 [2014-01-12 19:49:30.112] SyncFolderScanner: Got error 5 while obtaining file info for \\?\Q:\System Volume Information\SPP So, it's the same error, but nested down a level. I wasn't about to changed permissions on 4 drives , nested X levels deep. So, I did some more hunting and found this article: The poster suggested adding the recycle bin and the system volume information folders to the default sync exclusion list. An excellent idea! But the Admin disagreed, saying "I don't think these things shouldn't be added to the default .SyncIgnore file as they are very specific use cases!!" I ahve to say I *completely* disagree. In my case, and in the case of many media creators, syncing an entire drive is paramount. For example, media libraries, client drives, video capture drives etc. I'm not sure if that Admin had a limited understanding of Windows, but it seems to me that calling a root drive sync a "specific use case" is a bit strange! Anyhow, at this point it appears that BTsync will *not* sync properly using the root of a drive. Is there anyone else who would agree? Is this a good feature request? Do you think it reasonable to want to use BTsync in this manner? If so, is there a fix in the works? keep up the AWESOME work, BTsync! MR ------------------ Related posts ------------------
  5. I am running two Ubuntu 13.04 systems. Everything seems to be syncing properly between the two machines. The only issue I am having now is when my second machine goes and gets the files, it pulls them down and sets the permissions of the file as ... owner = root and group = root. Is there anyway to configure my BT Sync setup so when it pulls down the files it won't change the file permissions to root:root ?