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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! i'm trying to setup resillio sync on my home lab using microk8s and setting the storage to a samba server i have running (windows) it starts up, i can create my login and except the eula, but if i add any shares i get a database error. if i do NOT use the samba share, and instead i just use local storage, it seems to work fine. any ideas on why the samba share wont work? seems to be specific to the sql-lite dabase (i'm guessing) kind: Namespace apiVersion: v1 metadata: name: home --- kind: Deployment apiVersion: apps/v1 metadata: labels: app: sync name: sync namespace: home spec: replicas: 1 selector: matchLabels: app: sync strategy: type: Recreate template: metadata: labels: app: sync spec: containers: - image: resilio/sync name: sync volumeMounts: - name: sync-share mountPath: /mnt/sync volumes: - name: sync-share flexVolume: driver: "fstab/cifs" fsType: "cifs" secretRef: name: "cifs-secret-sync" options: networkPath: "//win-share/sync" mountOptions: "iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777" nodeSelector: linux --- kind: Service apiVersion: v1 metadata: name: sync-np namespace: natimark spec: type: NodePort ports: - port: 8888 protocol: TCP targetPort: 8888 nodePort: 32710 selector: app: sync
  2. Hi, Linux novice here. I have a home network, mainly Windows. I want to share my movies library with a family member around 100 miles away. He wants to do the same with me, so we will have an identical library at each location. As more movies are ripped to a library they will sync across both libraries. Bittorrent Sync on Raspberry Pi looks ideal, I've made a start but hit a barrier. I have 2 ADSL lines at home so I've tested this across the LAN and also over the internet. Everything seems to work correctly if each library is on a drive on its RPi (USB stick). But, at both ends we have our libraries on Windows machines (for example mine's WHS 2011). Within the Windows world these shares can be read and written to. Also, I use my library with an RPi OpenElec XBMC without any issues and the share can be read and written to. I'm running Raspbian on the RPi i want to use, I have btsync running on startup and I've mounted the Windows share (as root) at /mnt/Movies. I have edited fstab to automount the share on startup. If I 'cd' to Movies and then request 'ls' I can read the contents of the library, but not write to it. I've tried to change ownership to user 'pi' and to change permissions to '777' but receive 'permission denied' messages for both requests. Trying to use the btsync web gui tells me I do not have permission to write to the share, so that's consistent. I get the feeling I'm lost in the 'permissions' area. Can anyone help please? Many thanks, Andrew