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Found 8 results

  1. Resilio Sync has disappeared from the FreeNAS Plugins Collection. Curiously, while Resilio Sync can still be compiled from a FreeBSD port, due to licensing restrictions, a pre-built binary package of the port is no longer available, so pkg install rslsync returns nothing from the FreeBSD package mirrors.This scripted installation of Resilio Sync will create a jail, install the latest version of Resilio Sync (x64) for FreeBSD from, and store its configuration and client backup data outside the jail.Scripted installation instructions are at
  2. Is it possible to tell is a folder is fully synced/currently syncing or not from command line/bash? Background: My shared folders are zfs filesystems on my Ubuntu 16.04 server and I want to setup a cron job to take a zfs snapshot as long as a btsync is not currently syncing with a peer. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. A lot of people on this forum have a Raspberry Pi using BitTorrent Sync. Over the last couple weeks, since the original blog post of Sync + WD + Raspberry Pi, I have been working on a script for everybody to use to install, update, backup and remove BitTorrent Sync on their Raspberry Pi easily without worrying how to actually do that. And now I am ready to let you guys know about it. It does exactly what you would think it does: Install, update, backup and remove an installation of BitTorrent Sync using that script. Not more, not less. You can check it out on my GitHub page here: Raspberry Pi + Sync Script All the instructions and what to do is described there. Hope this will help people that are just starting to use BitTorrent Sync on their Raspberry Pi's.
  4. Hey Guys - A few months ago I went from a fairly complex FTP Server / Client configuration using scripts to synchronize things to BTSync and haven't looked back since. I currently use BTSync Pro on about 5 different platforms, but this question is about the Windows version. There is just one thing I have a question about, though. My Question Do any command line options exist for BTsync 2.2.x (Windows) which are geared towards application / sync control? I connect to my home server often which throughout the day synchronizes with a remote server. I'd love to be able to easily script something (via API or CLI) which would do one of the following: - Pause / Resume Synchronization overall or for specific folders - Set the maximum download / upload speed of the client - Be able to scan folders for files / folders with keywords and move those to top of sync queue When searching, I only found this article which shows command line options, but they are for the installer which doesn't help at all. If this capability is available now - via any method - please let me know. Otherwise, it would be an extremely powerful addition. If some exist for Linux, I'd like to know about them, too; but really need on Windows. Thanks!
  5. It would be great to be able to execute a script each time a folder finishes syncing. If this feature were available I would use it in conjunction with nzbToMedia to automate importing media files to their respective media folders. Please consider giving us the option to execute a script with parameters, similar to the way you can do this with many of the popular torrent clients. Thanks
  6. Hello! I need to make sync end notification when BTSync runs as a service. The notice should look like a window with OK button. Is there a ready-to-use solution? Or may be someone could say me how to make it?
  7. How can I get status of synchronization, and start my script or btsync start my script when download comlete.
  8. Here is my scenario. I have a desktop computer (CompA) I have a 3TB HDD connected to Raspberry Pi ? I want to transfer files and folders , when they are placed in the shared folder , from CompA to the HDD connected to R-Pi. CompA(BTsync folder) --> R-Pi HDD(BTsync directory) I then want to free up space on CompA by deleting the files from the shared folder, as soon as the sync is complete. I don't want the files on the HDD connected to the R-Pi be deleted. What would be the best way to achieve this. is there a way to find out on the pi as to when a transfer session has completed and then , using a script move the files from the shared directory on the HDD to some other directory?